Golden Eagle soccer scores four goals in conference win over UPJ

After dropping two hard fought matches, one could only imagine how hungry Clarion was to finally taste victory this season.

Savor the flavor, because the Golden Eagles picked up their first win of the season Wednesday.

They flew away with a 4-2 win against home standing Pitt-Johnstown.

Clarion had four different players record goals:  Aubrey Monte, Anna Chamberlin, Kelly Antonucci and Aaliyah Odom, respectively.

Monte’s early goal at 3:40 gave the team the lead going into the half.

After the Panthers tied the score up again at 49:14, Chamberlain placed the Eagles back on top with her goal at 55:42.

The Panthers tied it back up with another goal at 74:18.

Then, Clarion put the game away with two more goals coming within 40 seconds of each other, the first by Antonucci at 77:04, and then Odom’s at 77:39.

Unfortunately, Clarion’s next game against California University of Pennsylvania didn’t turn out as they had hoped.

The Eagles lost a tough one to Cal during the rainy match with a final score of

It was a tightly defended game given that both teams combined for 15 shots, seven by Clarion and eight by Cal. None of those shots were on goal.

The lone goal came off a rebound at the time of 17:46 by Danielle Koehler.

Regardless, it is always important to get that first win.

To attest to this statement, junior Aubrey Monte said, “It means a lot to our team. We have worked so hard since last spring to make this team the best soccer team Clarion has ever seen, and winning that game reassured us that we can accomplish that goal.”

With this being a fairly young team, the win is even more crucial to their overall confidence.

She continued, “A lot of freshmen are playing positions different than what they played in high school, so the win gave all of us a confidence boost that what we are doing is effective, and we need to keep it up.”

While a loss may never feel good, the team is taking it in stride and staying optimistic.

Monte said, “The outcome of the game was a disappointment; however, the game itself was a success for Clarion. We outplayed Cal and did many great things in the game. To prepare for Tuesday, we will take the positive energy from Cal combined with the hard work put in at practice on Monday to be ready to outplay and win against Mercyhurst.”

What would be the focus points for the game Tuesday again Mercyhurst exactly?

Monte continues that,  “The defense will have to continue to stay compact and shift and cover for each other which is something they executed extremely well against Cal. We will also need to keep switching the field through our midfield and stay composed with the ball and have our offense turn the shots into goals.”

Soccer will take the field again Tuesday at home against Mercyhurst to attempt their first home win of the season, and begin a march toward a winning record.

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