Fall elections welcome new semester, aspiring student senators

Clarion, Pa.- Getting elections up and running will be the most difficult hurdle to overcome according to Student Senate President Jarrett Boxley, following an hour-long business meeting which held its own election for reevaluating its secretarial executive position.

The submission process for potential candidacy will end Tuesday Sept. 15 with the two days in between then and meeting time reserved as a 48-hour voting period to fill the remaining chairs of this year’s Student Senate.

“We are looking to fill five seats,” said President Boxley, “Two first-year student representatives, an additional two chairs available to any student and one board of trustee member.” When asked about the application process traditionally requiring 75 signatures, the president reiterated the steps needed to run for office.

“We focus on developing an email list during the Activities Day event before school is officially in session. Beyond that point, if students reveal interest in participating in our organization, we offer our email address and encourage students to send a professional headshot and an introductory essay detailing the nuances of their respective platforms.”

Once submissions have been considered, the candidates compete for the chance to represent the student body. Candidates must campaign, brand and encourage as many of their fellow peers as possible to visit CU Connect and vote. Boxley suggests using what he defines as the three C’s: “communication, collaboration and cooperation” for aspiring candidates.

Boxley said he applauds the peers who inspired his transition into the leadership role. His mentor David Bare and current vice-president Marissa Kealey were among the mentors cited.

According to Boxley, Bare’s vision for the university has gifted him with the template to urge his successor toward a similar path of greatness. “David Bare sat me down and discussed his goals to waive the application fee to students. On the strength of his faith, he held in the tour guides’ ability to bring diversity to the student population.”

Boxley’s Student Senate also championed Vice President Kealey’s robust command of the Student Senate constitution saying how his fellow officer has “taken a lot on herself” in the past and incorporates those approaches to power to inform his blend of vision, knowledge and curiosity.

Boxley expressed his excitement for welcoming new members in the immediate future. “I would really love to talk to you after the new spaces have been filled with people willing to learn.”

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