UAB Hawaiian Bash waves in students

On Saturday, Sept. 5, Clarion’s University Activities Board hosted a “Welcome Back Hawaiian Bash.” The event featured corn hole, hillbilly golf, music, an inflatable surfboard, a raffle and competitions for door prizes.

There were three door prizes consisting of Slinkys, a movie, a poster and several other prizes. To win the door prizes, party attendees had to win one of the competitions. The contests were hula hoop, limbo and a competition to see who could stay on the surfboard the longest.

The raffle prize was a nine-foot inflatable family pool.

Emily Romig, president of the UAB, said the event came together quickly.

Most of the event was planned over the summer, and Romig made the posters for the event herself.

“I underestimated how much time it would take to plan it,” Romig said. “Everything came together very last minute.”

Despite having to drive up to Party City to get decorations for the event, everything came together without a hitch.

Romig also reported that even with the time crunch of putting everything together, she didn’t feel stressed about the event and organizing it.

The overall reaction from people who went to the bash was positive.

“I liked it, it was fun,” said Malcolm Thompson, a freshman psychology major.

Freshman computer science major Chace Jefferies called the bash, “Pretty swell bells.”

The swimming pool was won by sophomore Thomas Feather, a theater tech major.

“I won a nine-foot family pool!” Feather said.

Also available for students were candy, leis and a few sunglasses.

Students were able to take pictures with props in front of a beach backdrop or a shark backdrop. There were also cardboard surfboards to take pictures with.

Schuyler Caffrey, the public relations chairman for the UAB, was disc jockey for the event with a playlist of beach themed songs. He also took requests for music.

Caffrey handles most of the media outlets for events including the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and CUconnect. He encourages everyone to join the CUconnect for the activities board and follow them on other forms of media to stay up to date on what events are going on and when they are happening.

The UAB Facebook page can be found under Clarion University Activities Board—UAB. To follow the UAB on Twitter or Instagram, go to @clarionUAB.

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