Twenty One Pilots brings new sound with ‘Blurryface’ album

The “Blurryface” album by alternative group Twenty One Pilots debuted on May 15, 2015 and quickly shot up as a prominent album in the alternative rock genre.

Twenty One Pilots is a duo of friends Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. The duo, coming out of Columbus, Ohio, hit it big with the 2011 record “Vessel” and have been touring with other groups and on their own ever since.

“Blurryface” has several prominent tracks that make it an album to be remembered. All tracks carry emotional weight for both Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

“Stressed Out,” one of the most popular songs on the album, blatantly tells the story of the stressful way young adults are growing up and how childhood freedoms will always appeal more.

Getting even deeper, “Goner” has, and continues to make fans cry. Its slow pace and meaningful lyrics can make listeners relate to the pain of not feeling loved or recognized by someone they have feelings for.

Twenty One Pilots did a phenomenal job with this album. It has gotten mixed reviews from critics, but has been hailed as the best album yet by fans of the band. With meaningful lyrics, great beats and no two songs sounding the same, it is by far the best work out of the duo yet.

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