Robin Williams delivers dramatic performance in final film

I am sure I am not the only one who picked this up due to the ironic and unfortunate “hype” this recent picture has garnered due to its main star’s death a year ago. Sadly, this movie does not profit from Robin Williams’ most memorable performance, but his dramatic portrayal of a gay man trying to come to terms with his life is the highlight of the film.

I found the concept of “Boulevard” interesting but not much else. The execution dragged on with slight suspense until the ending conflicts, and it all ended in a most unbelievable fashion, which did not suit the rest of the film’s tone at all.

While the writing may leave a bit to be desired in its often dull points, Williams at least executes the script he was written in an endearing, complicated and overall believable manner. He co-stars alongside Bob Odenkirk, Kathy Baker and Roberto Aguire as a troubled youth that on happenstance begins to change the life of Williams’ character Nolan.

There are other subplots that do surround Nolan’s situation of being a closeted gay man in a conservative world, such as an ill father and an awkward yet somehow loving marriage that add more depth to the simplicity of the film.

Nothing super creative stems from “Boulevard” in terms of musical score or visual style either. While the main theme is haunting and mystifying enough, it does not make up for the lack of range the picture’s music possesses.

“Boulevard” was initially released in 2014 in a variety of film festivals and only just saw its commercial debut straight to video beginning July 10 of this year.

In the Internet space, “Boulevard” is also getting mixed reviews with most critics citing Williams’ last and fitting performance as the picture’s highest point.

There are passable performances here overall, but the movie does not surpass more than just being an average drama. It is a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon piece to mull over but not one to get too hyped about.

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