Comedian Darcy Michaels cracks contemporary jokes, local humor

Canadian comedian Darcy Michaels took the stage in Gemmell Multi-Purpose Room on Friday, Sept. 4 from 8 p.m.-10 p.m.

Upon entering the MPR, Michaels was greeted by around 20 audience members.

Michaels was not discouraged by the small crowd, nor by the small trickle of late comers. He began the show in producing laughter from students by about seven minutes of joking about the Clarion area. There was no offense taken at Michaels’ jibes toward the school, town and surrounding county.

Tennis shoes, jeans, a baseball cap and hoodie made up his clothing ensemble as he leaned on the microphone stand and proceeded with his routine. His relaxed look and manner seemed to decrease the distance between himself and his audience.

Michaels directly invited attendees who were attempting to photograph him onto the stage and told them to be up-front and open about the matter.

“Not someone I’d bring home to my mother,” said one student after the show.

Through Michaels’ interactive show—in which he used students’ majors as punch lines—and ribald humor, the comedian brought to life an otherwise dreary night. Michaels’ jokes, ranging from topics of eating disorders to subjects that would cause many a grandmother to blush, kicked off the long weekend.

Though only a few students took advantage of this sponsored activity, those who did had a night full of contemporary jokes and modern humor.

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