Campus adds new buildings, consolidates old ones

Clarion, Pa.- The Suites on Main and Becht Hall have made their debuts at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. The new student services center and living spaces have been under construction for the last several years. Now with the buildings completed, students are forming their opinions on the additions to the university.

The Suites on Main are going to be the new home of the bookstore, Starbucks and a movie theatre. These things are all open to the public and can be accessed from the open front lobby. To go up into student living areas, a registered Clarion ID card is required.

When asked what living in the new suites is like, freshman Katie McCann said, “Living in the semi-private suites is super nice because you have your own space, and the environment is like living in a hotel.”

McCann is not the only person who not only enjoys the hotel feel of the new suites. Kaylee Perovich, a freshman, lives in a shared semi-suite. This means two people live in a room together, unlike the semi-private suite where there are separate bedrooms with its occupants sharing a bathroom and common area.

“I am not used to sharing a bedroom but enjoy the hotel atmosphere,” said Perovich.

Brittany Davis, who has lived other places on campus, really enjoys the suites as well but does not understand the movement of Starbucks and the bookstore from their current locations.

“Some of the things that they are putting in [the suites] are kind of being taken away from the other students. For instance, by putting Starbucks and the book store in the suites, it is a benefit for the people living there…whereas people living in Reinhard have to travel farther,” explained Davis.

Becht Hall has been under construction for nearly three years, and for some students, it is the first time they have had the chance to step foot in the building. Almost all services that were located in the Gemmell Student Complex and elsewhere have been moved over to Becht Hall for the convenience of a multi-purpose student center.

The building has kept its turn of the century façade, but inside is a sleek, modern design that shows the advancements Clarion University is taking for students. Important offices now located in Becht include ResLife, Financial Aid and the health center among others.

new suites
The new Suites on Main will provide a home to incoming freshmen and upperclassmen alike who will have a Starbucks and the school bookstore to enjoy.
Becht Hall
Becht Hall is the new home for students’ financial, logistic, health and writing needs.

Other offices that now call Becht Hall their home include the Center for Wellness, Admissions, Honors, the Learning and Writing Lab, Tutoring, Disabilities Support Services, SOAR, the Career Services Center, Minority Student Affairs, the Office of International Programs and more

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