Cookie baking tragedy brings forth acts of kindness

I’d like to share my true story. A testimony to the kind and caring community of Clarion University that I am so proud to be a part of and to remind you to be good to those around you.

I want to first send a very special thank you to my friends at the Suites on Main theatre: Dominic Shelow, Kieara Huss, Linda Laughlin and Sergeant Frank Remmick because without them I’d literally be crying over burnt cookies and a bruised ego. It was no coincidence that we were in the same place at the same time and I sincerely appreciate you all.

“Chocolate chip cookies, yes, good idea,” I said to myself as I hurried to the kitchen to start baking. I had also decided that while baking cookies, I’d order a pizza and by the time it got here I’d be taking my cookies out of the oven to enjoy as dessert, and yes, I talk to myself. But my oh-so-simple plan didn’t pan out that way.

Long story short, I left the kitchen with four minutes left until I was sampling a fresh out-of-the-oven soft chocolate chip cookie, which I thought was enough time to meet the pizza guy in the lobby.

Upon checking my pizza I first noticed that it wasn’t at all what I ordered and then realized I was wasting more time than I expected. Planning to call the restaurant and back get to my cookies, I ran back to the kitchen. To my dismay, both doors were locked.

Hearing the timer going off and seeing my cookies brown by the oven light, I went into immediate panic. I had failed to prop a door open, expecting the kitchen to remain unlocked as I left. I ran back to the desk to ask that the door be unlocked again and the Community Assistant with the master key was nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, as I was running around in a huff explaining to the theater staff of my current dilemma, I learned that they didn’t have a master key either.

However Laughlin came to my rescue and was kind enough to go into the theater to ask Srgt. Remmick to unlock the door for me. As he did so, I thanked him as I tried to hold the tears of relief back. I pulled my cookies out, which were somehow perfect by the way, and thanked Srgt. Remmick as he left and made sure to prop the door open.

At this point my pizza, which was the least of my worries, was unfortunately cold. But I hurried to take the warm cookies and was ready to enjoy them with the theatre staff in exchange for a selfie.

You may be wondering why I am sharing this story and I’ll be glad to tell you. I am sharing this because Clarion truly is a community that works together, displaying the innocent acts of love, peace, and kindness.

The theatre staff did not have to help me at all but they were willing to and were so very kind and good to me, and in exchange I had the opportunity to be good to them.

I see it everyday here, Clarion students who don’t know each other that extend themselves out of pure kindness to help one another, speak to one another, and encourage each other.

Cinderella said it best herself, “Kindness is free, love is free,” and it is truly at no expense to you to be good to those around you.

Goodness was extended to me and as I do for myself, I encourage you from this day on to make it a point to extend kindness, peace, and love or some act of good nature to someone else.

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