#What’sTrending: End of the School Year

Moving Back in with the ‘Rents: All right, you were away from your family for basically nine months at school living it up, but now it is time to go home and get those family house rules back in order once again. This goes for both students still in school and graduates. Living at home does have some advantages, though: home cooked meals, laundry service, no (or low) rent and all utilities are free. But there are some downsides as well. They are still your family, and even though you are an adult, your family will still treat you the same way, which could possibly mean mom and dad will probably bring out the old rule book once again.

Traveling the Seven Seas: After years of schooling, take a breather. Do some much needed traveling around the states or even abroad. You are young, healthy and have little responsibility (other than loans). So use this time to your advantage to do some sight-seeing. Taking a break after college will help refresh your mind, and traveling will help you find what direction in which you want your life to go.

Seasonal Jobs: Summer is a great time for job opportunities. If you want to become well-rounded with a variety of positons to add to your resume, working a few seasonal jobs is your route to go. Seasonal jobs are a great way to get diverse work experience while also enjoying yourself. There are many different types of seasonal jobs available, such as working at a ski resort, a beach, camps and even cruise ships. To make this an even better deal, if you play your cards right, you can find employment for a full year just doing seasonal jobs.

Graduation: It’s only a couple of weeks from graduation, seniors. For some, this moment in life has been long-awaited and much anticipated. For others, this is a bittersweet time. It’s great to finally be able to have that degree in hand, yet saddening knowing this chapter of your life is coming to an end. And some just don’t want to leave this Clarion life. However, it will be a day of happiness, supported by family, friends, and loved ones. Just know that even though the book may be closing from one’s Clarion career, a new start is right around the corner. Most have been in school all their lives, so stepping out into the real world is exciting and somewhat refreshing. No matter what, we will always remember the marks we made at Clarion University.

Jobs/Internships: Now that school will be over with, summer is right around the corner. You know what that means. It is time for summertime jobs and internships to start. Internships are a great way to help students network and experience the field that they want to have a career in. For some, this can be an eye opener to see if a particular field is really what one wants to be in. For others, summer is a time to just make some money with a typical summer job and relax a bit. Sometimes it is nice to just work and have this little break from school, because it will be back in session before you know it.

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