Musical careers no longer timeless

Have you ever heard “Everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame?” Today, within any genre of music it seems that many artists do not have long prosperous careers within the music industry.

Artists tend to release one hit, an album release, and if they are lucky they’ll go on tour and then they seem to vanish. After vanishing from the spotlight, artists who struggle to get back in the limelight tend to revert to reality television shows.

Artists do not have to last in the music industry as long as Madonna, but when mentioning the artists’ names their style, melodies, and persona should be considered timeless.

There are not many hits that can be considered “classic” from artists of this era. For instance, the song “Hot Boy” by Bobby Shmurda is not a song a listener tends to think is appropriate to be played at a family event, or 20 years from now listeners become as passionate about as though it is their first time hearing it.

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, artists had individuality and uniqueness with their sound. Icons of that era were Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston. Still to this day, these artists have remakes and covers made of their highly noted songs.

In today’s era, many artists lack creativity because they revert back to what is going to sell and what audiences are interested in. There has been a pattern within record labels where it seems that many artists start to sound and look the same.

In my opinion, it appears that record labels may play a factor in how artists sound and look, leaving the artist afraid to express individuality, and once they get a record deal artists become commercialized. There may not be a definite ingredient to possess a flourishing and permanent career within the music industry.

Pop artists Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor have a similar music sound making catchy commercialized songs. Country singers, Blake Shelton and Eric Church were described by sophomore, Therese Holzapfel to all sound the same. Rap artists Migos, and Young Thug who consequently share the same record label have been described as both looking and sounding a lot alike.

Although artists have to please their record labels, they tend to fall short when they do not possess individuality and creativity.  When I think of a celebrity who possesses talent I picture a person who is multitalented. I think of a songwriter or performer who is both skilled vocally and as a dancer.

Everyday people dream of being a performer, but this dream is not for everyone to obtain. If they lack these skills they may risk the chance of becoming a one- hit wonder rather than being known as an icon.

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