It’s never goodbye, but simply later

I’m not usually one to express feelings or emotions; however, this seems like the appropriate time and place to do just that.

I first started working at The Clarion Call in October 2011 as a shy, humble copy desk assistant. It was there I started understanding there was more to creating a newspaper than just writing stories and putting them on pages for people to read the next day. I realized there was a method to everyone’s madness, and there were definetly some crazy people my freshman year.

Throughout the other three years, I saw the same personalities in different people. I always found it fascinating that people could get over themselves for a common cause. Rather than clash, they blended (mostly).

These different personalities left their egos outside the office and did what they had to do to create a newspaper for what I strongly believe to be the university’s No. 1 news source, and that includes this year’s batch of editors and managers too.

When I took the reins as editor-in-chief this year, one thing I wanted to change was the way we approached the newspaper story-wise. Rather than just focus on what all the student organizations are doing on campus, I wanted to tackle bigger, harder issues, issues the university probably didn’t want you to know. And I believe we did just that this year.

We covered such pressing issues as dropping student enrollment, the university’s residency rule’s effect on off-campus housing, the construction of the new student suites and all the fun, legislative activity happening in Harrisburg among others.

But these past four years haven’t been just a chronological assortment of goals and accomplishments; they’ve been stages of my life where I learned more about myself as a journalist and a human being.

This is a field that requires you to have alligator-thick skin, where criticisms are abound. I’ve faced my fair share of criticisms from readers and peers, and for the most part I’ve brushed them off.

If I could go back in time to do this all over again, would I do things differently? Yes to everything except The Call.

So thank you all who have helped with my success here, especially Dr. Laurie Miller for her continued support and guidance over the years. Here’s to a great professional future. To paraphrase a famous quote, “It’s never goodbye, but simply later.”

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