Clarion baseball, softball teams try to balance game schedules, academics

This spring has seen what some would refer to as typical Clarion weather.

The rainy spring has forced both the Clarion Golden Eagles baseball and softball teams to postpone games this season.

The softball team has had 22 games postponed and four canceled throughout the season.

Meanwhile, the baseball team has 14 games postponed and eight games cancelled this season.

With all the postponed games early on in the season, it has made the last few weeks hectic for both teams.

The softball team just came off a nine game stretch between Saturday April 11 and Sunday April 19 that they played a total of 16 games.

With all of these makeup games, the balance of having time for schoolwork while playing all these games could be a difficult one for some.

Golden Eagle first baseman Audrey Hummell said, “Being on the softball team this past year has taught me a lot about balancing classes and playing softball. With the amount of missed classes we have had to miss over that span of days, it was extremely hard to get caught up with the assignments, exams and quizzes we missed.”

The baseball team also had a stretch where they played eight games in eight days.

Starting outfielder for the Clarion baseball team Mike Lockhart said, “It’s definitely a struggle with always having to try to stay caught up with school. It also doesn’t help that all the makeup games are on the road too. It makes it a struggle to come home and get off the bus and try to motivate yourself to get schoolwork done.”

As a college athlete, there are obvious challenges and sacrifices one must make in order to play for a team, and that is with the routine daily practices and scheduled games.

When taking into account the amount of rescheduled games and amount of games they have to play in such a short time span, it leaves you to wonder how they are able to truly focus on both playing and doing their schoolwork.

Overall, it is always going to be an issue for the Clarion University softball and baseball teams trying to play starting in mid March in northwestern Pennsylvania.

It is going to be challenging due to the extended winter and the rainy weeks of spring that follow.

The players of the teams will have to adjust and endure the balancing act of a student athlete between the classroom and the ballfield.

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