Greek Sing raises cancer awareness

Clarion University held this year’s Greek Sing on Sunday, April 19 at noon in Tippin Gymnasium. The event raised over $900 for the Clarion Cancer Center.

Sigma Phi Epsilon and Sigma Sigma Sigma both got first place overall in the competition. They each also got first place honors for the banners.
The theme was “Gender Bender” this year, meaning that sororities had to perform songs originally by male artists, and the fraternities had to choose songs that were by females.
Each organization creates a banner every year that represents the theme chosen. This year, the theme was “cancer awareness.”

Sigma Phi Epsilon performs “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston during the informal round. Sigma Phi took home first place.
Sigma Phi Epsilon performs “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston during the informal round. Sigma Phi took home first place.

The winners of the banner competition were based on the amount of money they each raised during the event in jars outside the gym.
The event is split up into two parts: the first is formal, and the second is informal.  In the formal round, groups are required to dress in formal wear and sing a typically slower, ballad-like song. The informal round allows groups to wear whatever they want, and perform a more upbeat song.  This section includes dancing and skits.
Sigma Phi Epislon, one of the only two fraternities who performed this year, sang Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” in the formal section of the event. For the second round, they put on a performance of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston.  Half the fraternity was wearing boxers and dress shirts with ties, while the other half wore tutus and leotards.  They even incorporated a few lifts and flips.
“We had every member of our fraternity pick a formal and informal song of their choice, and we went through a voting process when choosing which of two songs we would perform for Greek Sing,” said William White, a Sigma Phi Epsilon brother.
Greek Sing is a special event that a lot of alumni brothers and sisters of Clarion’s Greek life come back to see.
“I am an alumni of Phi Sigma Sigma, and I came to support and cheer on my sisters and other Greek members,” said senior Jen Cochran.
Cochran enjoys the sense of camaraderie Greek life brings.
“I was pleased with how many people support the Greeks on campus. Even though each individual chapter is unique, at the end of the day, we still come together and support each other and act as a whole Greek community,” Cochran said.
Sigma Sigma Sigma was one of the five sororities that performed.  They chose Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” as their formal song, and the currently popular Bruno Mars jam “Uptown Funk” for their informal.  Even though they experienced some technical difficulties during the informal round, they managed to keep it together.
“We never had any issues or anything during practices with the song, so we were very caught off guard,” said Caitlyn McNerney, a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma.
McNerney thought her sorority did well despite the technical challenges.
“Watching our performance back, however, I am very proud of my sisters for not missing a beat during the performance and just rolling with the punches. You can never anticipate what will happen when technology is involved.  Having the crowd support when that happened though was definitely reassuring to us, I think,” said McNerney.
Because two fraternities performed this year, some people were left saddened.
“The only disappointment for me was that only two of the fraternities were able to partake in Greek Sing this year. I have close ties to a fraternity that did not perform, and I was sad that I didn’t get to cheer them on this year,” said senior Kirsten Bare.
Bare thought the event went well, however, because it achieved what it set out to do.
“I think Greek Sing was still a success,” Bare said.  “It’s about raising money for cancer and coming together to support a cause.  In that way, it was a huge success.”
Greek Sing allows the campus and community to view Greek life in a positive way.
“My favorite thing about Greek Sing is that all the organizations and families come together to support a local philanthropy,” said Sigma Sigma Sigma sister Abby Hindman.  “It sheds light on the stereotypes that people think of Greek organizations by showing some of the great things we do.”

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