‘Interstellar’ draws interest with complexity, enchanting music score

It challenged, encouraged, fed and rewarded my imagination; it blew my mind.

Honestly, that is to be expected from Christopher Nolan (director of “Inception” and “The Dark Knight Trilogy”) at this point in his career.  Not only is “Interstellar” a fantastic sci-fi story that breaks mind-blowing ground in the plot department, but it also delivers on an emotionally charged drama that touches on so many conundrums we face as humans from small dialogue points to overarching themes of the film.interstellar

There are so many reasons why “Interstellar” is a marvel in universal storytelling, original imagination and the industry of film as a whole.
Because the movie touches on such prevalent human themes and emotions, it is very approachable and relevant to all people despite its out-of-this-world ideas, special effects and scientific concepts.

Even though Christopher Nolan’s most recent masterpiece is grounded in mostly realistic astrophysics and scientific theory, there is still that stigma of sci-fi that shrouds it in positive connotations for some fans of the genre and negative connotations for many critics.

While sci-fi may still be a platform for many B-movies and simple storytelling made up for by flashing special effects and interesting concepts in some movies, Nolan shows in “Interstellar” that any brand of film can illicit the strongest of reactions if all the elements culminate into mastery well enough.

One of the most important and successful elements is the acting, which is equally on par with the story and is superb.  Matthew McConaughey as protagonist Cooper is perfect for the starring role and continues to show his acting range. Everyone else kills it in their roles too, and that is to be expected from Nolan’s always star-studded and talented casts.

The star with perhaps the shortest resume (and stature), Mackenzie Foy who plays Cooper’s daughter Murph, delivers one of the film’s best performances. It is a testament as to why the core story of love is so integral to “Interstellar’s” plot and themes.

Last but not least are the visuals and music, both contributing to one of the most epic and stark atmospheres I have ever witnessed.  Avoiding spoiler territory, Earth is convincingly desolate and the space that follows throughout this nearly three-hour film is consistently awe-inspiring with its wormholes, blackholes and impossible geographic features.

Hans Zimmer’s enchanting score always fits the mood and makes for some great songs to listen to after the movie is through.  “Coward” is a great example of a song building in intensity and anxiety as a pivotal scene in the movie plays out, and its ethereal yet adrenaline-fueled organs complement the action and emotion perfectly.

I am beyond impressed with this film as it has definitely become one of my favorites that ever seen after four separate viewings that have added unforeseen elements every time because “Interstellar” is so complex.  Personally, I love everything about Nolan’s latest opus, and moviegoers are in for some sort of a treat no matter what their tastes.  Words do not do justice for the awe and engagement you will experience during this film.  It is more than epic; it is a masterpiece of our time.

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