Former Steelers punter Sepulveda speaks to Clarion students about faith and sports

Clarion University’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted former Pittsburgh Steelers punter Daniel Sepulveda on March 26.

Sepulveda talked about his personal life and his relationship with God, and the ups and downs he had throughout his oft- injured career.

The main points Sepulveda mentioned was how a relationship with God shouldn’t change based on circumstances.

Multiple times Sepulveda said “There is no replacing an authentic, consistent, daily relationship with God.”

Sepulveda explained the importance of studying the Bible and following the Scriptures.

During his speech, Sepulveda pulled out many Bible verses to back up what he was saying including, Hebrews 4:12-13, Psalm 119: 103, Psalm 1: 1-3, and Jeremiah 23:29.

Sepulveda talked about his career and how he didn’t allow it to affect his relationship with God.

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Daniel Sepulveda speaks to Clarion students after his presentation.

He said how he went through the 2008 NFL season injured and had to watch from the sideline as the Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII.

Sepulveda fought through that, getting back to the Steelers playing for most of the 2010 season before tearing his ACL in a week 13 Sunday Night Football game against Baltimore, costing him the remainder of the season.

Again, while injured, the Steelers made it back to the Super Bowl, this time, in Sepulveda’s hometown.

Sepulveda asked a strong moral question, which showed his faith.

“Standing here where I am now, would I rather get the chance to play in both of those Super Bowls and have those memories, or is it more valuable to have missed both of them and to be able to recount to you guys how difficult it was to walk that path? I can sit here and tell you my faith is stronger because of those things? Oh my Gosh! I would take the faith thing, absolutely, every time.”

After his conference, Sepulveda explained why he came to Clarion University.

“Its important to me to take advantage of the opportunity to go and share the goodness of Jesus Christ in my life in the hopes that college students in and around Pittsburgh would come to faith in Jesus and if they already know Jesus to be encouraged.”

“I hope to have a faith that is always growing; one of the phrases I used tonight comes straight from Scripture that’s continuing in the grace of God. I accepted Christ when I was almost 6 years old, and I have been striving to continue in the grace of God ever since. It’s my hope that God according to Scripture starts a good work in us and we’ll carry it on to completion, so I always want to be growing in my faith and relationship with God.“

“I think its always cool to have someone else come in and say something’s you think are important, so having Daniel come in was cool because you had students who may have seen him play for the Steelers, and thinking wow, he’s a big deal but also having him come and say I’m just a normal guy whose living out a normal faith and it’s not for anyone but me and God,” said Coalition for Christian Outreach Campus Minister and leader of the FCA, Geraud Brumfield.  

“The biggest thing that I have to remind myself that its not just playing to win but remembering who were playing for, who gave us the ability. There are kids from our community that come to the college game and it’s sort of big in their mind but to know the platform we stand on, we’re still going to be held on a pedestal to some people.  The biggest thing to remember is that God gives us abilities and he puts us in a place where we can share his words and that is something that we have to remember as Christian athletes,” said FCA president Nate Payne.

Sepulveda was drafted by the Steelers in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft and played four seasons for Pittsburgh over a five-year span.

Sepulveda played in 52 NFL games punting the ball 221 times averaging 43.7 yards per punt and knocking in 36.7 percent of them inside the twenty-yard line.

Sepulveda is currently testing free agency after ACL injuries.

Clarion FCA meets Thursday nights at 8 p.m. in Gemmell room 248.

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