The Sage of Wood Street: More hypocrisy seen in Harrisburg; O’Malley talks smack; religious freedom law sparks controversy

This week we take a look at more hypocrisy in Harrisburg (shocking), 2016 and a law in Indiana that is entirely off base.
Don’t throw stones
There has been a lot of attention focused on Tom Wolf’s pick to lead the State Police. Lt. Col. Marcus Brown, a man who led the Maryland State Police under former Gov. Martin O’Malley (we’ll come back to O’Malley later on.)
But the real question relates to the hypocrisy in some of the criticism aimed his way.
Take, for example, the question as to whether he deserved to take a pension when he left the Baltimore Police Department. Senate Republicans have chastised him for this move, but many of these same Senate leaders literally voted to themselves to increase their pensions over a decade ago as part of Act 9 of 2001.
Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman and Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Pat Browne (then a House member) who have lambasted Gov. Wolf’s nominee all voted in favor of a 50 percent increase in their own pension years ago that has led to the state’s current pension crisis.
So much for people with glass houses.
Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley fired the first shot in what can only be considered the Lexington and Concord of any potential Democratic primary for 2016 when he said that “…the presidency is not some crown to be passed between two families.”
A direct jab at both the Clinton and Bush families, O’Malley may represent the one Democratic outsider with a chance to up-end Clinton’s bid. In recent months it has become all the more evident that the baggage of a previous presidency, time in the Senate and her tenure as Secretary of State could cause major issues for the “presumptive” nominee.
Could someone up-end Hillary’s run? Time will only tell.
Whose God wants that?
National attention has been focused on an Indiana law that would allow business owners to deny services to people based upon their sexual orientation in the name of religious freedom. In the spirit of Holy Week, it might be fitting that we have a discussion about this.
As a Catholic my entire life, I’ve come to believe that one of the most enduring messages in the New Testament is to do unto others as you would want done unto you. I struggle to find myself believing that God would want anyone being treated differently for any reason. I don’t believe in a God that discriminates. I believe in one that is understanding and forgiving.
If you want to deny services to someone, that’s your business. Don’t invoke the name of religion or God in justifying your actions.
Parting Thoughts
Ah, well that’s all I have to rant about this week. Until next time, Happy Easter!

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