#What’sTrending: Hot new apps climb ranks in popularity

Camoji: This is an app that turns your pictures into GIFs, which are of course always more fun. Camoji adds something a little more entertaining than just a still image, and GIFs are easier to create than videos. With Camoji, you are able to turn your favorite moments into send-able, shareable GIFs with just a few clicks of the camera.

Next Glass: Tired of the same old drink, or just want to try something new? Next Glass is here to save the day. Next Glass will give you an recommendations tailored to your taste, whatever it may be. It is basically Netflix, but for drinks. You are given the task to rate favorites using its simple yet complicated algorithms to produce thousands of wine and other beverage suggestions to choose from.

2048: First it was Flappy Bird, now it is the new addictive game, 2048. The best mobile games are downright both simple and too much fun to put down. 2048 checks both of those boxes right off. All you do is slide tiles together to create different matches and rack your score up. Math can be fun, after all.

Mint: It takes some time to set up and get used to, but once all of that dirty work is done, Mint can track your spending and create a reasonable budget for you. You can also monitor your credit card purchases and banking through Mint. I would recommend this app to students who are graduating or who need a good budgeting app right at their fingertips.

Evernote: Never forget your best ideas, what item needs to be picked up from the grocery store, or that assignment ever again! With Evernote, you are able to make comprehensive text notes, label photos and even record voice notes right through the app.

Pancake: Ever heard of the Pancake app? It might not be the most popular app yet, but it is on the path of becoming trending. From the creators of Flappy Bird, the Pancake app is extremely addicting. The app is a game, and the whole objective of the game is to just flip pancakes. It might sound easy, but flipping the pancakes is actually harder than you would think.

Sleep Bot: Sleep Bot is an interesting app that can actually be beneficial for one’s health. By setting your phone anywhere on your bed, Sleep Bot can track your movement during your sleep, record sounds, and determine when you were in your deepest sleep during the night. Sleep Bot also gives tips on do’s and don’ts of what to eat before you hit the sack for the night. Another great feature of this app is that it contains a “smart” alarm, which allows the app to wake you up within 30 minutes of your actual set time. It wakes you up in your lightest sleep, which means waking up won’t be so difficult. This app also keeps track of all your nights, so you can track your sleep patterns. It’s definitely an interesting app to have on your phone.

GrooveBook: This app was featured on the show “Shark Tank,” which inevitably caused it to increase dramatically in sales. Yes, this app costs money, but is well worth it. Only costing $3 per month, GrooveBook allows consumers to upload 100 pictures at a time from their phones. After the upload is complete, within a two-week time span, GrooveBook will send you an actual book full of those pictures. For only costing three dollars a month, and for how many pictures you get, this is a great deal! Much easier than uploading and sending them to a photo printer yourself, GrooveBook does the work for you. This is an app you must try out!

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