The Sage of Wood Street: PASSHE needs money from Wolf’s proposal; Greek life fights negative stereotyping

I’ve got plenty to say this week, so let’s skip the pleasantries and dive right in.
Tuition Freeze? Let’s hope
Tom Wolf’s budget proposal tosses an additional $45 million the way of the State System of Higher Education. It’s a much needed increase in funding, but the Chancellor in his comments before legislative appropriations committees was non-committal on a tuition freeze.
The bottom-line is simple: students deserve a break. Three-percent increases the last several years, on top of a big increase a few years ago have only made college less affordable for Pennsylvanians.
If Tom Corbett was still in office, the prospects would likely be flat funding and a three-percent hike. It’s time to show the legislature that students have endured enough of the burden of their previous cuts, and that if PASSHE receives $45 million then tuition will stay flat.
The governor, legislature, chancellor, university presidents and board of governors need to hold the line on tuition; the students deserve that much.
Greek Problems
The national spotlight in recent weeks has been focused on issues with fraternities at Oklahoma and Penn State and sparks the need for a discussion about the role of fraternities and sororities on college campuses.
While there’s an argument that they’re an integral part of student life, there is an apparent culture problem in many of them.
If Greek life is going to regain its credibility on college campuses there must be a shift from the stereotypical life of parties, mixers, hook-ups and “frat houses.”
I often hear that these organizations provide valuable leadership opportunities, philanthropy and community service. While I’m not disputing that Greek life does all those things, I can’t help but think that there are countless other student organizations on campuses across the country that do just that without a significant culture problem.
If Greek life is going to regain credibility on campuses across the country given its recent black eyes, it must scrap the parties, mixers, hook-ups and houses in favor of philanthropy and service that so many fraternities and sororities claim is at the root of their mission. Only then will Greek life overcome the stigma that has become associated with it.
Parting Thoughts
Well I suppose that’s enough controversy for one week. Oh, by the way, happy belated spring. Hopefully this means the snow will be gone soon. Until next time!

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