Bloomsburg baseball player’s suspension an example of why it’s important to think before you post

Bloomsburg University of Pa. athletics were put in the national spotlight this week after a baseball player of theirs posted a controversial tweet on Twitter, calling Little League Baseball star Mo’ne Davis a “slut.”
The university suspended Joey Casselberry from the team shortly after the post spread.
It once again goes to show how social media has become more than just a personal thought bubble to share with friends. It’s a gateway to the world, and the world (well, at least the nation) saw that player’s tweet.
While Davis has forgiven Casselberry and asked the university to reconsider his suspension, it’s important to remember what got Casselberry in trouble in the first place.
Sure, everyday we see our friends, strangers or even professionals behaving badly on Twitter or Facebook with egregious posts deprecating people. But do we as a collective really think about the effects of what’s posted?
Like it or not, we do have a personal responsibility to be vigilant in what we post. Sure, the federal judicial system is in the gray on what is and what is not protected on social media, but does that really mean everything should be a free-for-all?
Think about it; potential future employers, your universities and even your government can look at what you’ve been posting.
Whether or not the courts decide it’s a “right” to post such hateful speech, is it really the right thing to do, especially when essentially everyone can see what you post online?
Schools and universities have suspended students plenty of times for hateful online speech.
Hopefully, Casselberry has learned his lesson and will use social media in a more methodical fashion in the future. I suppose we can go by Davis’ wise words and give him a second chance.
After all, don’t we all deserve one at times? And now for all of you to check your posting history.

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