Students ‘stick it’ to professor in duct tape fundraiser

Many student organization fundraisers consist of order forms and table sales in Gemmell. Baked goods, chocolate and car decals are some of the things typically sold to raise funds for various causes. Music sorority Tau Beta Sigma utilized a more interactive way to raise funds through an activity rather than the sale of goods: The second annual “Duct Tape the Professor,” in which members and other students paid money to duct tape one of the professors of the music department up to a wall in 231 Marwick-Boyd.

Around 15 people participated in the event, TBS members, music students and non-music students included. Music professor Dr. Brent Register volunteered to be duct taped this year. Students paid $1 per foot of duct tape or a flat rate for a whole roll of tape.

“I think it’s extremely fun,” said Sarah Butler, music major and corresponding secretary of TBS. “I think it’s more of a way for people to get more involved with it, instead of handing someone a form and [saying], ‘Here, will you buy this from me?’ We’re raising money for Relay [for Life] as well, and we’re more interactive. I think it’s a lot funnier because you get sassed by the professor… [Register] was a really good sport about it.”

She said she enjoyed the event, although she felt last year had a better turnout. Around 30 people came to last year’s “Duct Tape the Professor.”

“We did the set-up the same way. I just feel like more people participated in it last year because of the fact that Dr. [Hubert] Toney [was leaving the university] and he had been hired to be the director of bands at Millersville,” she said.

Jennifer Grenus, treasurer of TBS, agreed.

“I think it’s a fun event,” Grenus said. “It’s a more interactive type of fundraiser, and it’s not just – you sell something, and you buy something – it’s more of a fun event for people to just participate in and just have a good time.”

Most of the students who participated were students of Register’s.

“It was fun. They’re a good group,” he said. “Since I have a sabbatical next year, I’m doing some research, and so by the time I get back, this is really the last time I can do that with [music] majors. When I get back, I think there will be two. And they’ll be seniors.”

He said it was a new experience, and while it was hot underneath all the tape, he had fun playfully berating the students.

“My mouth was the first thing they taped,” he said. “You know that didn’t stop me at all.”

Music major Brian Miller said he believes “Duct Tape the Professor” is a great way to raise funds.

“All the students – it’s someone that they know because it’s a professor that they’ve had; they’re all more motivated to participate since it’s like, ‘Oh, we get to stick it to our professor a little bit,’” he said.

Half of the event’s proceeds will go to TBS itself, and the other half will go toward the chapter’s team for Clarion University’s Relay for Life event next month. TBS will be teaming up with its brother organization, Kappa Kappa Psi, to participate in the walk. For some of the members of those organizations, the Relay holds personal importance.

Butler said, “I like it because it’s a good cause, because you’re helping raise money for cancer research. For a lot of the kids in the music department right now, it hits home a lot, because we lost a professor back in October to cancer… so we’re both [organizations] very passionate about it because of how strongly we are affected by it.”

Clarion University’s Relay for Life will take place from 8 a.m. April 10 to 8 a.m. April 11. To sign up or donate, visit

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