Spring Break series: Bryan checks out

Spring break has become a national tradition when one can escape mundane classrooms in exchange for a week of warm beaches and carefree fun. However, at some point, everyone will realize it’s time for them to leave spring break behind for the younger kids and move on to other things. After six years and seven EP’s, country singer Luke Bryan has finally reached that threshold, ending his Spring Break EP collection with his release of “Spring Break…Checkin’ Out.”luke bryan

Bryan has become somewhat of an icon in the country music scene since he arrived with 2007’s “Stay With Me.” Since then, he has released hit after hit and soldiered himself as one of the biggest names in country pop. On “Checkin’ Out,” Bryan churns out more of his brand of polished, party-themed bro-country tunes that putting a fitting end to his Spring Break series.
Opening the EP is “My Old Bronco,” an ode to an old truck, as is country music tradition, of which Bryan croons “would be perfect for a day like this.” This song kicks off the album with a bang, setting the tone with themes of beaches, bonfires and reminiscing.

The second track of the album slows the pace set by “Bronco” with “Games.” “Games,” is a wistful and melancholy song about the politics of relationships, carried along by the soulful baritone of Bryan and the melodious acoustic guitar that accompany the verses.

Up Next is “She Get Me High,” which opens with claps and a summery acoustic riff before Bryan jumps in with his beach-themed lyrics. In the chorus Bryan sings of the girl that has his attention, remarking that “She get me high/ she get me low/ she got the keys to this old bronco.”

“Spring Breakdown “is up next, and serves as a nice little goodbye to Spring Break, with Bryan acknowledging the end of the series. It begins “It’s been a real good run/Playing out here in the sun, year after year/Beer after beer/I’ve watched this crowd grow/I swear y’all don’t know/What you mean to me.” These lyrics and this song serve as a bittersweet goodbye from Bryan as he moves on from this familiar territory into something new.

Ending the five-song EP is “Good Lookin’ Girl,” another ode to a beautiful girl that Bryan can’t believe is his. This playful and rollicking tune closes the EP on a bright note.
“Checkin’ Out” may not be the most intricate or heartfelt album ever created, but that is because it wasn’t meant to be.  This is an album meant to be listened to around fires on a beach, and it’s the mindless fun Bryan offers that is the real draw of this music.

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