Sage of Wood Street: Wolf’s budget causes Republicans to flip-flop; controversies mar presidential elections

Ah, with spring break now behind us I’m in the home stretch. Senioritis has fully settled in, but don’t worry. I still have plenty to rant about before May 9. You’re not done with me just yet.
Wolf’s Budget
Tom Wolf unveiled his first budget two weeks ago, and boy was it a fresh start. Finally something that Republicans and Democrats can agree on in a budget, school property tax reform similar to the bills proposed by Republicans last session.
But wait!
Now the GOP is saying elimination is bad? I think voters and taxpayers just want to see something done about this archaic tax, and Wolf is putting something on the table. Suddenly, the ideas that were genius just a year ago are bad.
Ahh, the hypocrisy of Harrisburg. At least some things haven’t changed.
Emails and letters, anyone?
This year would not be the penultimate year before a presidential election if it were not rife with controversy.
First, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, then the letter signed by 47 senators to Iran’s leader.
I say shame on both. I’m sorry but many things are “convenient.” That doesn’t make them legal. It would be convenient if I didn’t have to pay taxes. It would also get me thrown in jail.
Likewise, the knuckleheaded move by a group of GOP senators to send a letter to Iran was nothing more than political posturing as everyone gears up for next year’s election.
For as much as I enjoy politics, I’m already fed up with 2016. Call me when someone who will really fight for the middle class jumps in the race. Until then, the hell with it.
Parting Thoughts
With the impending spring weather and the waning days of the semester passing by, it’s about to get busier. If you’re a senior like me, you’re probably wondering where the time went. And you may just be ready to walk across that stage in Tippin.
I feel that way some days. But I try to remind myself that we must enjoy the journey. Until next week!

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