New programs show university being active to cater to students

Tuesday morning, it was announced that Clarion University was approved for a new degree, the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Fitness by the State System of Higher Education Board of Governors.
This is the second new program the university has been approved for this year.
In January, CUP was approved for an online criminal justice program. Just last year, two new programs were added in nursing on both undergraduate and graduate levels.
Just a couple years ago, everyone jumped up and down preparing for the university’s self-imposed funeral. However, these new programs prove two things, that CUP is taking notice of national trends to better cater to students and is making active attempts to attract students from different, more popular demographics.
And what’s the best part about this? More hirings.
For both the criminal justice and nutrition and fitness programs, there will be new professors hired at the university.
While the number of full-time faculty decreased with the Workforce Plan introduced a year and a half ago, these upcoming new hirings for the new programs will bring that amount to a more stable figure comparable to before the Workforce Plan.
The increase in the amount of programs in the the health and wellness fields should also be looked at as a way the university is looking at national trends.
The U.S. Department of Labor predicts about 12,200 job openings through 2022. Along with that, several careers in the Department of Labor’s top 20 list are health-related fields.
So how will that fix the steadily decreasing enrollment CUP has seen for the past five years?
Well, with these new prgrams, the university aims to attract a new demographic of students. Between 25 and 30 students are predicted for the Nutrition and Fitness program.
The criminal justice program meanwhile will accept students who have taken credits at other institutions along with CUP students in its associate degree program, which averages about 50 students a year.
While the growing process may be slower and more painful than we would like it to be, keep in mind other state schools are in the same boat we are, still recovering.
After all, education funds were tremendously cut about four years ago by a one-term governor, and that deals a great blow to universities’ functions when they rely on state money.

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