#What’sTrending: Spring Break

Volunteer Locally – Hot! When was the last time you volunteered? Didn’t it make you feel 100 percent better and rejuvenated after you finished your volunteer work? Find somewhere locally to volunteer over spring break if you are staying at college or even going home and have no other plans. Whether it is at a soup kitchen or humane society, you will be helping out others in need within the community.

Going Home with a Friend – Hot! If you have roommates, driving home with them and spending spring break at their house is a great idea. Just make sure it is OK with his/her parents or guardians before you tag along for the ride.

The “Catch Up” Game – Hot! You can use this extra time that spring breaks gives you to catch up or get ahead in your school work. Remember that essay that is due Monday when classes are back in session? Better get that started sooner rather than wait until Sunday night.

Take a Trip By Yourself – Hot! At school, you’re constantly surrounded by people. Why not just hope on a bus or plane and head somewhere alone for a few days. If you’re not a traveler or the funds are insufficient, go check out a museum, go out to a new restaurant, go see that new movie that none of your friends want to see but you do or just stay in your apartment and get some much needed R and R. It could be the first time in a long time that you haven’t had to share a room (or the TV) with someone else.

Food-Themed Road Trip – Hot! Love Chinese food? Interested in finding the best and biggest buffet out there? Planning a trip that revolves around food is never the wrong thing to do. If it is wrong, then I sure don’t want to be right! You can even be really creative with this kind of road trip. By picking specific foods to try like BBQ pork sandwiches and places that claim to have the best pizza or burgers around town. You can be your own judge of that! Take pictures of the food and rank them from best to OK-ish or even spicy to boring. You can even travel to different restaurants that have been on TV and take their famous dishes for a taste test!

Florida – Hot! Florida is always a trendy destination to go to on spring break. Panama City and Daytona alone attract hundreds of thousands of spring-breakers for the yearly event. So, why go to Florida? It’s warm! Heading to warm weather is definitely a common reason for traveling to Florida. Secondly, there is a lot to do. Florida offers a vast variety of different things to do, such as boating, relaxing on the beach, social events, etc. Another perk of going to Florida is that there is the option of checking out Orlando while you’re there. Splitting this trip with friends can make it more affordable, which leaves both you and your wallet happy.

Foreign Travels – Hot! Going out of the country can be a little pricey, but is worth every penny. Traveling somewhere with beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue water can make for a very relaxing spring break. Cancun, Jamaica, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and many more can offer these relaxing amenities. Another great feature of traveling to these places is that hotels and airfare are usually found to be all-inclusive. This means that you pay one flat price for airfare, hotel stay, food, and drinks. This makes vacationing much easier and more relaxing, knowing you don’t have to pull out your wallet out all the time. Getting an all-inclusive trip through a travel agency can bring the price down if traveling to far away lands like these. Finding deals online can also help with expenses. Regardless, a trip to a foreign country is always a HOT idea.

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