Love is not defined by the day

Recently, the holiday of appreciation, also referred to as Valentine’s Day passed. To those whose relationship  status is single, it appeared as just another day.
Once a year should not be the only day one shows appreciation for one’s significant other.
Although Valentine’s Day is not considered a traditional holiday, many single people appeared bitter to not have one to share their weekend with. Also, they were upset they did not have the ability to flaunt their gifts through social media.
Valentine’s Day has become commercialized as a way to get couples to spend money.
For instance, when one walks into stores such as CVS or Walmart, the colors red and pink are seen throughout the store advertising the holiday. Additionally, candies are in the shape of hearts. Also, commercials on televisions such as Kay Jewelers and PANDORA advertise that by buying their merchandise, people are guaranteed affection from their significant others.
The significant other may become forced to try to compete with the advertisement to impress their partner. In reality, that is not the meaning of the holiday; gifts do not signify one’s true feelings.
The pressure of the advertisement and candies seen everywhere sometimes can affect the females’ expectations. That refers back to the idea that Valentine’s Day has became a day to get the

significant other to lavish one with gifts by spending money.
What should matter most is the time and effort the couple puts forth.
During the pre-dating phase of getting to know one another,  couples should continue the small gestures of caring throughout the relationship.
As cliché as it sounds, “It’s the little things that mean the most.”
A handwritten letter is a small gesture, but it can have a bigger impact than the amount of money spent on the spouse. The elements of a letter could highly influence more affection, because through the letter one can be honest by revealing their true feelings for the other. The letter can express anything the little things people do or the small habits they noticed, letting them know the other 364 days of the year they are appreciated and do not go unnoticed.
On the other hand, the partner who receives the material gift might see its monetary value rather than sentimental. Letters cost nothing, demonstrating that time and thought was put into it to relay feelings and emotion for the partner.
A letter is both meaningful and economic, a simple act of kindness that would be appreciated by either sex.
Keep in mind the day of the week does not justify when or how one should treat the spouse.
One should not lose sight of the relationship based upon the day. What was done to get the significant other should be done regularly to refresh the person’s mind that he/she is appreciated.

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