Construction, program development highlighted during Board of Trustees meeting

Clarion, Pa.- The recent Board of Trustees meeting for Clarion University was held in 108 Eagle Commons Thursday, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. to discuss a lot of new developments on and off campus.

In the wake of the erred report of Clarion University being named the fifth most dangerous college in the U.S. according to Inc., President Karen Whitney was focused on the new business at hand. 

The trustees’ attention was centered partially around the current construction and proposals for more work in the same vein of the labor being done now.

The building of the Main Street suites was said to be on time and on budget, while the current plans for renovation of the recreational center, which includes adding a pool and spa, are on track for 2016.

In the midst of the renewal of Becht Hall, painting has now begun.  The refurbished student center is currently slated to reopen in July of this year.

Construction and renovation will not be the only facets of Clarion University’s transformation. In the near future for the college, the dormitories of Wilkinson and Nair will be demolished, making room for more parking for students.

The Clarion Accessibility Improvement plan was also amended with a proposed $5 million that will put an elevator in Stevens Hall/Special Education Building for those who need it as well as provide more handicap accessibility for Moore Hall.

The board unanimously approved an $8.4 million project for potential renovations, consolidation of departments and new construction. 

These funds would be used for major change that would see Carrier Hall destroyed and turned into a sort of welcoming plaza, Arnold Park, to be specific. 

This project would also see the renovation of Egbert Hall, as well as the transformation of the admissions office into the new venue for public safety.

The plan will be brought to the State System of Higher Education to vie for state funding.

The board is also working toward some goals that will not be as visible as new buildings on campus. 

There are currently objectives set in place for an increase in funding for the college. 

Enrollment is also slightly on the rise compared to recent numbers.  The trustees remain optimistic that Clarion can hit its enrollment goals for the upcoming fall semester.

Clarion students will be seeing the onset of a few new major programs.  Expansions in the nutrition/fitness and criminal justice programs will be coming soon after permission is granted by the Pennsylvania Board of Governors. 

As of now, criminal justice can only be studied and pursued in an Associate’s Degree level at Clarion.

This year, Clarion will be having more open houses with some added features , such as a writing competition and dessert reception off campus.

The next Board of Trustees meeting is slated to be Thursday, April 23.

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