Faceoff:Which league has the better all-star break?

Jacob Oberdorf:

With the NBA All-Star game going on in New York City and the borough of Brooklyn earlier this month, the question arises; which league has the best All Star Game format?

Now, when I say All-Star game format, I don’t just mean the game.

I mean everything that goes into the All Star festivities.

I may be acting a little biased on this subject when I choose the best format; however, I feel that Major League Baseball has the best All Star Game format by far.

There is so much that goes into the MLB All Star Game that I feel makes it the best.

First of all, the selection process and the amount of new players that go each year is something that I feel is a positive for the MLB All Star Game.

Each team in the MLB is required to have at least one representative in the Mid-Summer Classic.

This means that fans from each team will have interest in the game considering they will have at least one player from their favorite team go to the game.

Also, something that is different in the MLB selection process from all of the other major professional sports is that the final roster spot is decided by fan votes and not by the commissioner.

After the teams from the National League and the American League are announced, there will be five or six players who will be selected for the final spot.

This limits the amount of “snubs” or players that people feel that should go to the game, but were left off of the roster.

This also gives the fans something else to get excited about.

The teams of these final five or six players create social media campaigns and promote their players to get into that final spot on the All Star teams.

The second thing that I feel that is a huge positive for the MLB All Star Game is the Home Run Derby.

I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love to see these guys hit the baseballs as far as they can?

It’s a thing of beauty watching guys like Giancarlo Stanton hitting the ball 500 feet into the night sky.

The home run derby is the equivalent to the slam dunk contest of the NBA All Star Game.

Just like the slam dunk contest, the amount of skill that it takes for someone to participate in the event is unprecedented.

Anyone that has tried to hit a baseball with a wooden bat would know how difficult it is for a person to hit the ball that far.

Lastly, and most importantly, the MLB All Star Game actually means something.

The league that wins the MLB All Star Game receives home field advantage in the World Series.

Since this rule was put into play in 2003, the team with home field advantage in the World Series has gone 7-4.

Home field advantage is a huge deal.

This means the players actually give the game some effort unlike the defense-optional NHL, NFL, and NBA All Star Games.

There is no doubt in my mind that Major League Baseball has the best All Star Game format that professional sports has to offer.

Tre Gaines:

Mostly every sport has an all-star break or some type of All-Star game.

When teams compete each and every night, there comes a time during the season where almost every player wants to relax and have some type of fun.

All-Star breaks and games are supposed to be fun, but they’re also competitive.

When you’re a professional athlete, being competitive is a part of the game.

That’s why, in my opinion, the NBA All-Star break is the best all-star break out of all the sports.

The NFL has the Pro Bowl.

Truthfully, I used to be into it, but the last few years it hasn’t been as entertaining as it used to be.

Just a few years ago, they were even considering ending the Pro Bowl.

The NBA all-star break is the most entertaining by far.

All the celebrities, musicians, actors and etc. come out to whatever city the all-star break is in and watch the players that are a part of the all-star break compete.

The NBA All-Star break has a lot of contests to enjoy.

The slam dunk contest is probably the most watched event out of the whole all-star break.

This year Zach LaVine of the Minnesota Timberwolves brought back the slam dunk contest with his performance.

They’re comparing his performance to Vince Carter’s performance from 2000.

LaVine had two perfect scores this year.

That’s saying a lot.

The three-point shootout is another event that is widely watched.

Those two contests are held on the Saturday night of the all-star break.

On Friday night, the celebrity game is held.

You have celebrities like Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz and Justin Beiber who all play in the celebrity game.

Almost every year, there’s a new celebrity who comes out and plays in the celebrity game.

Even though Friday night during all-star break is the least watched or anticipated event of the entire all-star weekend, its still gets a lot of views and it’s an important night for all-star weekend.

The rising stars game is also another event during all-star weekend that people enjoy.

You get to watch the young stars in the NBA compete against each other and get to see what the NBA’s future holds.

The skills challenge is another event that the all-star break holds.

That event is usually point guards who go through obstacles and whoever finishes with the fastest time wins.

Team Bosh is usually the winner of the shooting stars event.

The final and best event of the entire weekend is the all-star game itself.

The game is the best players from the Western Conference and the best players from the Eastern Conference competing.

You get to see the best players go at it.

You get to see players like Lebron James and Kevin Durant play like they were playing in the backyard.

The game usually ends with both teams finishing with a final score of 130 points or more.

Almost every year it’s up for grabs.

There’s never a real dominant team.

The NBA All–Star break is the best all-star break out of all the sports, and will continue to be for years to come.

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