Greek life is the good life

“From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never explain it.” Almost every sorority girl has heard this quote, and if you are not Greek you have probably heard this quote when you ask someone who is to describe it.
When I came to Clarion in fall 2013 I was not sure what I wanted to get involved with, or what I wanted to do. One thing I was sure of is I wanted nothing to do with Greek life. I believed in the stereotype of the ditzy, party girls and the gross, dumb guys that litter college-themed movies.
My grandmother is the one who convinced me to give it a try. She finally revealed to me during her time at Clarion University, almost 50 years ago, what she knew in Zeta Tau Alpha. She told me to at least meet the girls, see what the sororities are about and give it a chance. So I listened to her; after all she is my grandmother.
I will admit it; I fell in love with sorority life. I became a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha in spring 2014, the first semester I could.
Greek life opens so many doors to so many great opportunities, and introduced me to some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I made some of my best friends in the whole world through going Greek, and they’re all from different organizations. My roommates are both Greek and in a different sorority then me. I bonded quickly with Kerith Strano Taylor, a woman who ran for Congress this past November, by talking about her days as a sorority girl at Penn State University and my experience now. We remain close to this day.
Being Greek has also given me chances to get involved in things I never thought I would. I got to travel to Lehigh University and meet other Zetas from all over Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and in interviews I always get asked about or compliments about my involvement in Greek life.
Going Greek is so much more then what so many believe it to be. It is not and has never been “paying for your friends” or just a way to go out and party easier. It is a door way to becoming a better person though. It has taught me so much and given me opportunities to expand my horizons that could never have been possible without going Greek. Greek life is not for everybody, but for those who dare enough to try it will come to find that it is a great thing and it can really be an amazing addition to anyone’s college experience.

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