The Sage of Wood Street: Leaders are responsible for their actions

Since the first rendition of the Sage of Wood Street didn’t lead to too much rage on Wood Street, we’ll keep it going (not that rage would have stopped it anyway). Here we go.
It’s an illness, I suppose
Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal in Wisconsin to cut the university system’s budget in an effort to make it “stronger” shows that the Republican is indeed suffering from Tom Corbett Syndrome, the illness where we cut education funding in order to make it “better.” At the same time, Walker is helping fund a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. Apparently we still haven’t learned that true economic development is rooted in quality, affordable education rather than beautiful arenas for NBA teams.

THIS is great
After reading last week’s feature in The Call regarding The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS), I just wanted to take a second and further vouch for the program. As an alum myself, I can say that THIS is something that differentiates the PASSHE experience. The connections, exposure and learning it provides is unrivaled.
Watchdog, eh?
Two weeks ago, State Treasurer Rob McCord resigned unceremoniously after revelations of campaign finance improprieties resulted in federal charges. One of the state’s two top fiscal watchdogs (the other being the Auditor General), being accused of strong-arming potential donors who do business with the state is just another instance of political corruption. Ah, maybe someday our watchdogs will watch out more for the taxpayers than for their own political careers. We can only hope.

Parting thoughts

As you’ve noticed, I’ve critiqued two politicians in this column. One Democrat in McCord, and a Republican in Walker, albeit for two different reasons. The point is simple, no party is perfect. No political ideology is always right. What we must do is hold all our leaders accountable, from the lowliest town council members to the front-runners for president. Look not at the party affiliation, but the ideas and the people. Political parties don’t change the world, people and ideas do. Now get to work.

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