Graduation does not have to be anxiety-filled ordeal

It’s been seven weeks since I’ve been on European soil, so I figured I should probably stop fantasizing over when I’ll be able to swim in the Mediterranean Sea, walk through cobblestone alleyways, and enjoy un grande cona of creamy gelato and focus more on this moment right now and what’s ahead of me.
Graduation is upon us. It can be an extremely daunting and confusing time. But it doesn’t have to be like that. I just recently received some great advice, and with that being said, it’s only appropriate to rewind a bit and tell the story from the beginning.
My first week in Italy was an orientation type week where we had different seminars telling us everything from how the university worked to staying safe in the city. Well also during that first week, it was advertised to my program that there was a free walking tour around our neighborhood and a big five-course dinner for only 15 euros! It sounded like the perfect opportunity to get a feel for our neighborhood and a delicious meal. The walking tour was great and dinner was even better. I was talking to one of the tour guides and he mentioned how he previously had a journalism job in Southeastern Ohio, which is near where I had an internship over the summer. I figured I might as well ask. So, I said, “Did you happen to work at WTOV in Steubenville Ohio? I had an internship there this summer.” As a matter a fact he did. He worked there for six months before getting this job working for Weekend Student Adventures as a tour guide and social media coordinator who also created promotional videos for the company.
After meeting him and traveling around Europe for four months, I realized that there is so much out there to do and so many job opportunities I never even thought of. Ever since high school, I dreamed about being a news reporter and have had that dream all throughout my collegiate career, but since studying abroad, I realized there are so many more neat opportunities out there, like working for a tour company. I could take my passion for travel and video productions and make a living out of it.
I recently connected with Glenn (the guy from the tour company), and he gave me some really great advice when it comes to applying for jobs. He said apply for everything. When he landed his first job as a reporter at WTOV he sent out 80-100 applications and only had six interviews. I think that shows our senior class how important it is to be active in the application process. Apply as much as you can.
He also gave some personal advice, and this is one of my favorite things that he said; “We’re young and have tons of time in front of us. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake or go after something.”
That’s helping me realize that you should really put yourself out there, talk yourself up brag about what you can do. This is your time to shine. This is advice I’m going to take with me and give to everyone I know. Life is too short. Do something you love and you’re passionate about, and the rest will follow.

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