#What’sTrending: 2015 Winter Fashion

Say hello and goodbye to some of the best and worst fashion trends of the season.

Boots – Not! Do not be alarmed! Not all boots are out! Of course everyone needs boots for the weather that has to be endured around here. However, there are certain boots that need to be avoided for the winter season. UGG boots are out. Being over worn by people for the past few years, their time of good fashion has come to an end. Another boot to steer clear from this season is the wedge boot. As these have been a popular trend the past couple seasons, they are another boot that is definitely out of style.

Fur – Hot! Believe it or not, fur is one of the new hot fashion trends of the season. As this trend might seem a little controversial in today’s “go green” society do not worry. No animals will be harmed in this furry fashionable trend.  For eco friendly individuals and fashionistas, there is a line of fantastic fake fur available on the market. It is warm, cozy and truly fashionable in vests, coats, shawls, hats etc. Be sure to pick up one of these trendy and fashionable fur items soon!

Crop tops – Hot! To go along with the other trend of high waisted skirts, shorts, and pants, crop tops are definitely a must. Crop tops have been showing up at almost every store and women all over have been spotted wearing these fashionable tops. They can be bought as T-shirts, tanks, halters, sweaters, jackets, you name it. Pair it with a high waisted bottom of some sort and you will totally be in style.

Dark Colors – Not! Instead of dressing in all dark colors this year, color has hit the fashion runway. With the recent event of New York fashion week, bright colors were the trend. There is nothing wrong with earth tones and black per se, but dress it up with a colorful scarf, or be daring and strut a bright red pea coat. Gentlemen, this goes for you as well. Wear a deep, dazzling burgundy or bright orange v-neck with jeans next time you go out. A pop of color in your style is sure to impress the crowd.

Marsala – Hot! This is surprisingly not a fancy dinner dish that you would get at a five-star restaurant, but actually the color of the year 2015. This warm, reddish-brown color was named after a wine which was thought up by Pantone Color Institute. Keep an eye out for this fancy new hue! Through out the year, clothes and many different accessories from shoes to earrings in a very similar shade of Marsala will be popping up in stores around the country.

Texting-Friendly Gloves – Hot! Gloves that have the capability to house your texting needs are so in right now! Who wants to take their gloves off when it is below zero to respond back to a text or answer a call? Not many people. It gets even better; these gloves are not just for women but for men as well! So everyone’s hands can stay warm while they text outside in the freezing cold. Happy texting folks!

Hats That Look like Animals – Not! Now and then these hats can be pretty cute, but as of now, they are a winter fashion no-no for both men AND women. Put these animal hats into hibernation for the winter and wake them back up during early spring time.

Shorts – Not! Sorry guys, and some women. This is kind of an obvious one, but it is pretty chilly out there right now. There are some exceptions, such as after working out at the gym; you might be a little hot. However, if you put on some warm clothes after a workout, your chance of a muscle injury decreases greatly. There is nothing wrong with wearing shorts during the winter (if you are a brave one) but when you do venture out into the tundra that is Clarion, make sure you cover as much exposed skin as you possibly can. Stay warm and classy, Clarion!

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