Faceoff:Who is the mid-season NBA MVP?

Alex Henry:

As the NBA all-star game approaches next weekend, now is a great time to take a look at the NBA season thus far and use the statistics to try and decide who will be able to sustain their success they have had this season so far and win the league MVP.

In my opinion, the MVP is a player who is a leader of the team that has been elite during the season and contributes across the board in several categories not just one aspect of the game.

When I take all of my criteria, I only come up with one player.

That is point guard of the Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry.

Curry has been the leader of the Warriors as they have shocked everyone by leading the Western Conference under first year head coach Steve Kerr with a 38-8 record so far this season.

The Warriors also have the best winning percentage of any NBA this season winning an outstanding 82 percent of the team’s games.

They have the least amount of losses than any other Western Conference team.

This is impressive considering the Western Conference is considered to be the better of the two conferences.

Curry has played a key role in the teams success this season he is averaging 23 points per game which leads the team in that category and ranks seventh in the NBA this season.

Curry has scored a total of 1,059 points that leads the Warriors and ranks him fourth overall in the NBA.

Curry has played a major role this season in the assist department as well averaging 8.2 assists per game he once again leads the team in that category and is fifth in this season in the NBA.

Curry is best known for his shooting behind the arc this season; he ranks second on the team to shooting guard Klay Thompson but still ranks just one spot behind Thompson in the league with a total of 137 three pointers made this season.

Curry has also thrived at the line this season accomplishing a team leading 91.5 percent this season which positions him fourth in the NBA in that category.

Curry has been a consistent contributor the entire season as he has recorded 15 double-doubles this season that number ranks him with the fourth most in the NBA thus far.

On the defensive side of the ball, Curry is also leading the NBA in steals this season with 99 and ranks second in steals per game averaging 2.15 steals a game.

My opponent may talk about how great of a scorer Houston Rockets Guard James Harden is, but in my opinion Harden  is much more of a one dimensional player.

Curry has solid scoring number to go along with great a great number of assist and steals.

He is in my opinion the best well-rounded player so far this season in the NBA and he has been the main contributor to the success of his team, who sits atop the NBA standings.

If Curry is able to sustain his production for the remainder of the season in my opinion he deserves to be named the  NBA’s  Most Valuable Player.

Tre Gaines:

The NBA’s most valuable player race this season isn’t playing out how it usually does.

Every season you have Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant competing for the MVP title, but this season I think the winner will not be either of those three players.

This year’s MVP winner in my opinion will be James Harden of the Houston Rockets.

Even though Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is having an amazing season and John Wall of the Washington Wizards is also having a great year, I still believe Harden is having a better season.

The winner will be between those two if they keep up their play, but I believe Harden will win by a slight margin.

Harden, who is leading the NBA in points per game this season, is my top pick for the title.

Harden is averaging 27 points per game this season.

He is also grabbing close to six rebounds per game while adding seven assists per game as well.

He is 12th in the NBA in assists per game.

He is also eighth in the league in free throw percentage.

He is shooting 88 percent from the line.

Harden is also third in the NBA in steals per game.

He picks players pockets at least twice per game.

Harden was a sixth man for the Oklahoma City Thunder a few years back, but didn’t want to accept that role and felt like he could be a starter and star on his own team.

There were never any questions if he can play when he was playing for Oklahoma City.

The question was, is he good enough to lead a team by himself.

We don’t have to question Harden’s decision about leaving Oklahoma City because he’s proving he can play with the best.

If Harden would have made the decision to stay in Oklahoma City and wanted to combine the big three then maybe he wouldn’t be doing the things he’s doing right now.

Day in and day out, Harden is dropping some impressive numbers.

In wins this season, he’s averaging almost 30 points per game.

Harden is doing this with another superstar on his team in Dwight Howard as well.

So it’s not like Harden is doing this with nobody on his team.

The Houston Rockets are currently third in the Western Conference and has the fourth overall best record in the entire league.

Their record is 33-15.

Since Howard is now facing a knee injury that will keep him out for at least a month, I expect to see Harden elevate his game to the next level.

Harden is in his fifth season in the NBA and we know he can play the game of basketball.

I expect to see Harden lead his team deep in the Western Conference playoffs and make a push for the NBA title.

If Harden can continue to play at a high level like he’s doing this season and if the Houston Rockets make a run at the NBA title, then I believe James Harden will be the 2015 NBA MVP.

Not taking anything away from all the other players who are having great seasons, Harden by far in my opinion is having the best season.

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