Tobeco begins selecting original works for spring literary journal

It’s that time of the year again to submit poetry, artwork, and prose to Tobeco for the spring issue of the literary journal.

Tobeco is a student organization on campus that allows students to submit literary and art works for possible publication. Their mission is “to incorporate artistic expression and conversation in the everyday lives of our members and friends.”

Students Stephanie Murr and Nathan Hundertmark perform at a Tobeco open mic night held last semester.
Students Stephanie Murr and Nathan Hundertmark perform at a Tobeco open mic night held last semester.

“Creating the journal is a year-long process,” said Derek Dietz, co-president of Tobeco. “We collect artwork, poetry, and prose from students and faculty across campus all year long. In February, the staff works together to select the pieces they believe are the most worthy of publication in the journal.”

But the work doesn’t end there. “After that, we work to pair each written piece with an art piece. Once we’re happy with the order, we send the materials off to PAGES, who print the journal for us each year,” Dietz said.

So far, Tobeco has received over 80 works. “We’re pretty much right in line with how many submissions we’ve had in the past,” Dietz said.

They are still reviewing these submitted works and are accepting new submissions. “We always encourage students to send more work to us. The more submissions we receive, the higher the overall quality of the journal,” Dietz said.

The selection process for pieces that are submitted can be difficult because they can’t publish every work.

“Many of the editors have rich background of writing and studying creative writing,” Dietz said. “Our criteria for inclusion is pretty simplistic. We just have to like the piece and believe that it expresses a powerful, original creative idea.”

This year, both Dietz and co-president Rebecca Greenman share work as head editors.

For those who miss the deadline for submitting to the journal, Tobeco holds other events designed for self-expression. “Tobeco is excited to be hosting more Open Mic Nights at Michelle’s Cafe. We encourage poets, writers, comedians, singers, musicians, and other talented folks to stop by,” Dietz said. “For me, Tobeco’s Open Mics are always the best nights of the semester.”

Be sure to look out for Open Mic Night fliers. The first one will be sometime in February.

There is no set date yet for the journal’s publication, but the group is looking toward late April. It will be available for pickup before finals week. Copies of the journal will also be available at the celebratory Open Mic Night in April. All published students will receive a free copy of the journal.

Submission deadline is Feb. 13. Artwork, poetry, or prose can be emailed to

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