American Horror Story: Freak Show- Season Finale

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The season finale of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” was filled with murder.

But first, here’s a recap from the past couple weeks. Elsa throws a knife through Ethel’s eye. Salty, Pepper’s husband, dies in his sleep, and Pepper reconnects with her sister, Rita. But Pepper is committed to Briarcliff Manor (from “American Horror Story: Asylum”) upon being framed for her niece’s murder. Dandy murders a group of women attending a Tupperware party, but police believe Jimmy did it. Jimmy loses his lobster hands, believing Stanley will sell them for money to bail him out. We are introduced to Chester (Neil Patrick Harris) and his “dummy,” Marjorie. Amazon Eve and Del bust Jimmy out of jail. Elsa shoots Del after he confesses to killing Ma Petite. Chester runs the freak show for a while, but saws Maggie in half during his magic act. Elsa gets her friend Massimo, who crafted her legs, to make new hands for Jimmy. Finally, Elsa leaves Jupiter to pursue her singing/acting career in Hollywood. Upon leaving, she sells the freak show to Dandy.

Now that we are caught up, here’s the season finale.

After being fed up with Dandy, the freaks quit.

This infuriates Dandy, and he goes on a rampage shooting all the freaks except Desiree, Jimmy (who is staying in Stanley’s cabin), and Dot and Bette, who have already been captured.

Dandy tells the twins to come with him. They end up at Dandy’s house, where Bette marries Dandy. However, this is all a plot to kill Dandy. The surviving freaks, Desiree, Jimmy, and Dot and Bette, watch as Dandy drowns in Houdini’s escape tank.

The setting is now Hollywood, California in 1960. We catch up with Elsa, who’s finally living her dream. She is married to the man who got her into showbusiness, has her own show, and just received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

However, Elsa is back to her old ways, controlling everything, even her husband.

Things get worse for Elsa, when Hedda Hopper discovers the tape of her legs being sawed off, and she finds out all her freaks are dead. Elsa knows her days are up and performs on Halloween, thus summoning Edward Mooredrake, who kills her during her performance.

When Elsa crosses over, she is back home in Jupiter with all her beloved freaks.

What about Desiree, Jimmy, and Bette and Dot? Jimmy and Bette and Dot are married and are expecting a baby. Desiree is married and has two kids.

Fans are now left with one question: What will the next season of ”American Horror Story” hold?

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