Who will win College Football Playoff?

Andrew McDermott:

Well, the college football regular season is almost over.

All that is left are the conference championship and bowl games.

This year features the first ever college football playoff system, replacing the Bowl Championship Series of year’s past.

The top four teams in college football will play each other to determine the NCAA Football Champion.

Alabama seems to be the team most secure in the top four, followed by Florida State, Oregon, and Texas Christian University.

Baylor and Ohio State are the two teams looking to sneak their way in, depending on how the conference championship games play out.

So that brings up the question, which one of these teams do I think will get into the playoff and win it all?

Alabama is the favorite at the moment, so I want to go against the grain.

Florida State has won the past few weeks, although by shaky performances.

That brings me to my pick to win it all: Oregon.

Oregon has so far posted an 11-1 record this year, their only blemish comes from a 31-24 loss to Arizona.

The Ducks face No. 11 Arizona in the PAC-12 Championship game, and don’t expect them to forget that loss to them earlier.

Why do I think Oregon can win it all?

The biggest reason I think they can win the playoff is their high-scoring offense.

With Heisman candidate Marcus Mariota running the offense, they have averaged 45.9 points per game, which is No. 4 in the country.

Arizona was the only team to hold the Ducks under 38 points this year.

That is a truly impressive offense.

Mariota leads the team’s aerial attack, which is No. 11 in the country with 307.5 passing yards per game.

Mariota has thrown for 3,470 yards this year with an amazing 36 touchdowns through the air.

The Ducks rely more on the pass than the rush, however.

Oregon only ranks No. 24 in the country with 232.0 yards per game.

Explosive Royce Freeman leads the ground attack with 1185 yards this season and 16 touchdowns.

Mariota, a true dual threat quarterback, has 636 yards on the ground this year with 11 touchdowns.

Combine this explosive with Oregon’s stout defense, and you have a legitimate title contender.

Oregon has only given up 23.3 points per game this year, which is good enough for 32nd overall.

Oregon can afford to be 32nd, since the offense picks up all of the slack.

Oregon did not have a cakewalk schedule this year, either.

Nonconference, they played a then No. 7 ranked Michigan State team.

The Ducks manhandled them, defeating them 46-27.

In conference, they played ranked UCLA, Utah, and Arizona.

They defeated No. 18 UCLA 42-30 at UCLA, and beat No. 17 Utah 51-27 at Utah.

The only loss came to Arizona at home, 31-24.

As you can see, Oregon was tested this year.

The loss to Arizona has only fueled them the rest of the year.

I feel as if the high scoring offense that the Ducks have won’t be stopped by many teams.

The only problem I could see Oregon having is getting into a shootout with Alabama.

Even then, I could still see Alabama not being able to stop Mariota, and Oregon winning the first ever playoff series.

Tre Gaines:

With the brand-new college football playoffs coming around the corner, there are about six to seven teams vying for those final four spots to compete for a national championship.

The team I’m going to chose as my National Champion is the Alabama Crimson Tide.

The top seven teams are Alabama, Oregon, Texas Christian University, Florida State, Ohio State, Baylor and Arizona.

With Mississippi State losing to Ole Miss last week, they dropped out of the championship talk.

The Crimson Tide, is destined to be the top dogs of college football this year.

The Tide are standing right now the No. 1 ranked team in the nation and have a record of 11-1.

Two weeks ago, when Alabama defeated Mississippi State they jumped from No. 5 to No. 1 over an undefeated Florida State team and also over a one-loss Oregon team.

Why you would they jump over an undefeated team that is the national champs from last season you might ask?

Well, Alabama is a powerhouse that plays the best teams week in and week out.

Alabama plays in the best conference in college football which is the SEC.

They played five ranked teams this season and will be playing in the SEC championship this week against No. 16 ranked Missouri.

The Tigers will be the Crimson Tide’s sixth ranked team they played this season.

Their one loss came to an Ole Miss team that is currently ranked No. 11 in the nation and who also had the No. 1 recruiting class in 2013.

Ole Miss also just knocked Mississippi State out the national championship hunt last week as previously stated.

Alabama has the best wide receiver in the nation and also maybe in the school’s history.

Senior Amari Cooper is second in the nation in receiving yards and the best deep ball threat in the country.

Cooper has 1,600 yards receiving this year while also adding 14 touchdowns on top of that.

Alabama also have a dual backfield that consist of T.J. Yeldon and Derrick Henry.

Both running backs combine for 1,600 rushing yards this season and 16 touchdowns.

The Crimson Tide average 207 rushing yards per game this season as a team.

Blake Sims has 3,000 yards passing this season at the quarterback position while adding 24 touchdowns through the air and only seven interceptions.

Alabama’s defense is also ranked in the top 15 this season.

Alabama’s defense only allows 92 rushing yards per game and only allows 16 points per game.

I would say that is great especially when you’re playing the tops teams in the nation week in and week out.

They also have a safety named Landon Collins on the top of that defense who is projected to go in the top 10 in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Collins has recorded 80 total tackles and two interceptions this season thus far and is a huge playmaker on that Alabama defense.

Alabama jumped all the way to No. 1 for a reason.

The voters know Alabama is the best team in the nation coached by the best coach in the nation.

If the Crimson Tide can find a way to defeat the Missouri Tigers this Saturday, they will be the top team in the playoffs and the favorite to win the national championship.

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