American Horror Story: Freak Show- Episode 7

Last week, there was no episode, but episode seven of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” was mostly focused on Del.

Del is back in the gay bar and becomes upset with the bartender. Stanley was there and threatens to use Del’s sexuality against him unless he kills a freak.

He decides to go after Amazon Eve, the biggest and strongest woman they have at the freak show, but why? Del ends up getting his butt beat by Amazon Eve.

Who would Del go after next? We all thought it was Jimmy.

Del takes Jimmy to a bar. After a few drinks, they laugh and joke around. They actually connect instead of butting heads like they have been.

As Jimmy drunkenly leaves the bar, Del follows. Del picks up a brick, and for second we thought that Jimmy was going to die. However, Jimmy knows Del is his dad and screams, “You’re my dad! Say it!” After hugging it out, Jimmy and Del stumble back into the freak show the next morning.

Del finally chooses his victim: Ma Petite. What is weird is that many characters have woken Ma Petite up during the middle of the night, and she never seems to have a problem with it.

Del carried out what Maggie was originally going to do, put Ma Petite in the glass jar for display.

Another freak—or “freaks”—may be killed: Bette and Dot. Dot wants surgery to separate her from Bette, but this is impossible due to the fact they share a body. One of them would not survive the procedure. Elsa tells Stanley and wants him to take care of it. However, Stanley says it would be better if they just disappeared. He just wants to kill them and add them to his freaks to sell.

Tune in Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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