#What’sTrending: Holiday Traditions

Homemade gifts: During the holiday season, people can easily spend hundreds of dollars on gifts. This year, however, it’s becoming a trend to penny pinch a bit more and make gifts instead of buying them. This is a trend more popular among women, but nonetheless it’s a hot trend this holiday season. Pinterest is probably the most popular website for finding these unique gift ideas. Some homemade gift ideas include: scarves, soaps and sugar scrubs, lip balm, ornaments, and holiday inspired candies and baked goods. For men who want to use their building skills, a popular homemade gift idea this year is a coffee table made out of palettes. No matter what the gift, this is now a popular way to give great gift ideas on a budget.

25 Days of Christmas: The 25 Days of Christmas has begun airing on ABC Family. Every year millions of viewers tune in every night to get back into the holiday spirit. At some point over these 25 days, your favorite Christmas movie is bound to air continuously throughout the night. Some popular Christmas movies include: “Home Alone,” “The Santa Clause,” “The Grinch,” “Elf,” and “The Polar Express.” These 25 days are sure to go by fast, so tune in on your favorite Christmas movie while you can.

Boots: In every store window and website right now, it’s common to see businesses’ 2014 selection of boots. For the next four months, most people’s feet will be covered and protected from the harsh winter elements by boots. Every year at this time, people have to pull out their winter boots from storage to wear again for the winter season. This is also a popular time when people decide they want new boots for the season. Boots are a MUST for winter, and its good to know what to buy. Most people get a pair of warm, insulated, waterproof boots for specifically being out in the elements for activities like shoveling, hunting, or sled-riding. Then, it’s also popular to get a pair of more fashionable boots for more formal gatherings. No matter what the case, boots are a crucial part of fashion needed to get through the winter season.

Elf on a Shelf: Elf on a shelf has been a trending family activity for the past two years, now. Basically, a little doll elf will be moved in various places of a family’s house and will monitor the children to then report back to Santa. Every night the elf comes to life and will move to a different part of the house. If anyone touches the elf, then the magic will be gone, and it will forever only be a doll. This is a great activity with kids to get more excited for Christmas and to stay on their best behavior so that Santa will bring them wonderful gifts.

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