#What’sTrending – Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday – HOT! Black Friday is probably the biggest shopping day of the year, and is a day that definitely needs prepared for.
People sort through newspaper and online ads the day of Thanksgiving in order to map out the game plan for the next day.
With hundreds of stores having Black Friday deals, shoppers have to know exactly where to go. Black Friday for most is an adrenaline rush of finding great deals through crowds of people.
Some stores over the past few years have started Black Friday at midnight, and lines begin early Thanksgiving morning. Other stores are still more traditional and open at 6 a.m. on Friday.
So, what are the stores that you should be hitting up this holiday season?
Electronics are some of the most popular buys on Black Friday every year, because items are hundreds of dollars less than normal retail price.
Best Buy is one store that usually has great deals on electronics every year. This year a Panasonic 50-inch LED TV is advertised to be only $200. That is a steal!
Wal-Mart is advertising Beats headphones for only $149, which saves $130 dollars off regular retail price.
Kohl’s opens at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Day and has many sales. One of these includes jewelry deals for diamond earrings starting at only $50.
Another thrifty buy at Kohl’s this year is appliances starting at $10. This includes appliances such as: crockpots, waffle irons, microwaves, blenders etc.
JC Penny is another good place to shop for clothes especially. Sears is a great go-to store for great deals on tools and outdoor equipment.
Stores like these are definitely ones that you should consider going to if you are going to venture out into the craziness of Black Friday shopping.
For those who aren’t so up for this crazy day, Cyber Monday is definitely the day to do good deal shopping from the comfort of one’s own home.
Cyber Monday – Hot! If you are not one to venture out into the energized crowds of Black Friday, then Cyber Monday is the shopping day for you.
Shopping online in the comfort of one’s own home is the more relaxing way to get holiday shopping done this year. How does this day work?
Well, the Monday after Thanksgiving is when you can find deals just like Black Friday, only it all takes place online. Almost any organization with an online identity or store will have amazing deals going on just for this one day.
Cyber Monday is a little more “low-key” compared to Black Friday, but that is what makes it so attractive. If you don’t like shopping at ridiculous times of the night, then why should you have to?
Cyber Monday has the convenience of shopping more easily for these great deals. Certain items might sell out quickly, but you might have better chances online rather than in-store only shopping.
So, if Black Friday isn’t the day of shopping for you, check out Cyber Monday deals this year.

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