American Horror Story: Freak Show- Episode 6


The sixth episode of “American Horror Story: Freak show” is titled “Bulls eye,” and we see the reason why right away.

It is Elsa’s birthday and she decides to bring out a spinning bulls eye, which comes into play later in the show.

The first big news is that the twins, Bette and Dot, are gone. If you remember, last episode ended with Elsa bringing the twins to the Mott’s (Dandy’s) house. In one of the first episodes of this season, Dandy and his mother tried to buy Bette and Dot from Elsa. So, did Elsa finally sell the twins so she could be in the spotlight?

Speaking of spotlight, a lot of this episode focuses on Paul or “Seal Boy.” We see him numerous times in bed with women: once with Penny, his lover, and another time with Elsa. It is still unclear whether or not Elsa and Paul have a relationship or if it’s just a birthday gift.

Paul also has a suspicion that Elsa took the twins to the Mott’s. While in a cosmetics store, Paul runs into Dandy, who is buying two of everything, including perfume and hair brushes.

Paul finally confronts Elsa, and she becomes furious. She calls everyone into the main tent and blabbers about how she, despite giving everyone a home, is being disrespected.

Elsa decides that someone needs to go on the bull’s eye and put their life in fate’s hands. Paul volunteers himself. After two throws, one nearly missing his groin and another missing his head, Elsa strikes Paul in his stomach. If you noticed, in the beginning of the episode, Elsa was practicing on a dummy and hit it in the same place.

After unstrapping Paul, they take him to his trailer and Elsa says she’ll call an ambulance. Penny arrives at Paul’s side and asks when the ambulance will arrive. However, Elsa never called.

The episode ends with Jimmy at the Motts’ house, looking for the twins. We have seen the twins at their house multiple times throughout the episode. Is Jimmy’s life in danger at the hands of Dandy? Tune in Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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