University prepares for harsh winter ahead

Clarion, Pa.- Clarion University has started to experience below freezing temperatures and snowfall. Now, students are preparing themselves to embrace the cold.

Students bundle up against the cold winter winds.
Students bundle up against the cold winter winds.

The university is also preparing for the ice that is soon expected to overwhelm the campus.

The 2015 winter outlook is expected to be colder than last year’s, with heavier snowfall.

With the large amount of rain that fell during the summer and fall, it is expected to lead to a cold winter. This could mean harsher conditions for students and more work for the grounds keepers.

Timothy Bashline, the grounds crew supervisor for the university, said they are prepared. “We have approximately 200 tons of bulk road salt on hand for use on roads and parking lots. Eighty tons of bag salt will be available for use on steps and sidewalks,” Bashline said.

He also said the university is using a new, more environmentally friendly salt. The salt is meant to be less harsh not only on the concrete, but the grass as well.

Students are mostly concerned about their physical safety when it comes to icy roads and sidewalks.

Sophomore Katie Bunyan said she has her own fears about the fast approaching cold. “Falling down is the fear for me” says Bunyan, “If they shovel and salt the sidewalks I think it will be ok.”

Other students have their own concerns, such as their personal belongings being damaged by the salt.

Sophomore Juliana Cipressi believes the salt will damage her boots. “The salt ruined my boots before, I don’t want it to happen again this year,” she said. Sidewalks around dorms and Eagle Commons are to be cleared first, followed by access roads and then parking lots.

Roads and sidewalks are maintained throughout the day while students are in class.

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