Local band, ‘Royal/Revise’ releases album, music video

Clarion band Royal/Revise released its latest album, “Advent,” and the music video, “Your Shadow,” on Oct. 28.

Members of the metal/rock band are vocalist L.J. Fickenworth, drummer/vocalist Devin Eisenman, bassist Alex Skraba and guitarist Hunter Sheatz.

Advent features original tracks “Your Shadow,” “Dark Passenger,” “Advent,” “Still Breathing” and “Ego.” Skraba said he felt this album reveals a more mature side of Royal/Revise. “I believe that the music is much more powerful than our previously recorded material,” Skraba said.

Members, left to right: Hunter Sheatz, L.J. Fickenworth, Alex Skraba and Devin Eisenman.
Members, left to right: Hunter Sheatz, L.J. Fickenworth, Alex Skraba and Devin Eisenman.

Fickenworth said the album represents the process of coping with grief. The album is based on a real event in Fickenworth’s life in which he went through the process of releasing negativity and moving on.

“The album is really meant to tell the listener a story and make them feel the emotions of it,” Eisenman said. “Our hope is that our record can help those who relate to the process of healing and hopefully enjoy our sick, tasty jams in the meantime.”

Royal/Revise chose “Your Shadow” for its music video, a song about a person who is abandoned by someone important in his/her life. “The video concept is a representation of something that happened in my life and what I based the song’s lyrics on,” Fickenworth said.

The video was filmed in a wooded area owned by Fickenworth’s family. Eisenman said the location was chosen “to not only showcase the beauty of where we live, but display the organic rawness of how we operated in writing the song.”

The video was edited, directed and produced by Skraba. Sheatz also took part in the filming process. “Hunter and I had a blast getting the shots that we were proud of. I then spent countless hours of editing to make the shots fit our new sound,” Skraba said.

The band’s process in creating the album and the video consisted of discussing the ideas each member had and testing them. “There was a lot of brainstorming and even more creativity put into it, and that made the process indescribably enjoyable,” Fickenworth said.

Royal/Revise worked with producer Brette Ciamarra of Studio 344 in Pittsburgh to record the album. Eisenman described working with Ciamarra as “like working with a best friend.”

“He also managed to capture every idea we came up with while making it better than I ever imagined,” Eisenman said.

Royal/Revise formed in February 2012 with Fickenworth and Eisenman as the original members. After releasing their first single, the duo recruited Skraba to create their 2013 album “Revival” and single “Lose Your Chains.” Sheatz then joined and played a major role in writing the 2014 single “Still Breathing” and album, Advent.

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