American Horror Story: Freakshow- Episode 5


The fifth episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” revealed many interesting facts. We also see some of the freaks dead: possible forecasting?

Del the strongman is missing in the beginning of the episode, and the show cuts to Dandy working out and eventually going to a gay bar. There he bumps into Del. We find out that Del is apparently gay and has been with a prostitute named Andy.

Del and Andy discuss Del leaving his wife, Desiree. We also find out that Desiree was not born a partial male as she previously thought. A doctor confirms that she is, in fact, 100 percent female. The reason she went to the doctor is that when Jimmy tried to pleasure her with his lobster hands, she unknowingly had a miscarriage.

So, did Del like Desiree because he thought she was partially a man?

Andy, however, doesn’t think Del will leave Desiree. When Del goes back to the freak show, Dandy sits down with Andy.

Dandy doesn’t want Andy for sexual pleasures but, rather, for something else. He leads Andy to Twisty’s bus in the woods and tells him to turn around and take his clothes off. When they face each other, Dandy is wearing Twisty’s mask and stabs Andy seemingly to death.

However, Andy is still alive and begs Dandy to just kill him.

What’s messed up is that Dandy goes home to his mother covered in blood. It seems like Dandy’s mom cleans up all of his messes. She did help bury Dora, the housemaid, in their backyard.

This episode, we saw two possible forecasts. First, the body of the freak with the short arms and tattoos was shown in a glass case being sold by Stanley (Maggie’s accomplice). The second one showed Stanley poisoning Dot and Belle with a cupcake and then selling them too. It cuts back to showing the twins alive, so none of those forecasts have been proven true—yet.

The episode ends with Elsa showing up at Dandy’s house with the twins; but why? Tune in Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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