#What’sTrending: Fast Food


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                College students are constantly on the go, so fast food is their primary target. With all the options that each fast-food menu offers that are unhealthy, there is always something healthy to choose from!

McDonald’s Meal: Hot choices – For the menu at McDonald’s, the lowest calorie option served includes: Chicken McNuggets, Apple Juice, Apple Slices and Low-Fat Strawberry Milk. You can even sub out the Apple Juice for water! Total calories: 335. Not choices – Cheeseburger, Chocolate Milk, and French fries. Total calories: 580.

Carl’s Jr. Meal: Hot choices – For the menu at Carl’s Jr., the lowest calorie option consists of: Chicken Stars, Natural-Cut French Fries, and two percent Milk. The hand-breaded chicken tenders in a kid’s size meal are a great option because they have less fat than Chicken Stars but have 10 more calories. Total calories: 560. Not Choices – Cheeseburger, Natural-Cut Fries, Barq’s Root Beer. Total Calories: 760.

KFC Meal: Hot choices – The lowest calorie meal option at KFC: Grilled Drumsticks, Green Beans, Apple Sauce, and Tropical Fruit Juice. Total calories: 205. Not choices – Chicken Little, Mac ‘n Cheese, Apple Sauce and one percent Milk. Total Calories: 650.

Sonic Meal: Hot choices – The best and lowest calorie meal at Sonic consists of: Chicken Strips, Apple Slices with Fat-Free Caramel Dipping sauce and Apple Juice. Total Calories: 420. Not choices – The meal with the highest calorie is Grilled Cheese, Natural cut fries and Chocolate Milk. Total Calories: 870.

People often wonder what to order at fast food restaurants. Childhood obesity has become a significant issue, and has been linked to fast food. Studies have been done on the effects of fast food consumption in children and adults, and because of this, a change has been occurring throughout these chains. However, there are still some less-than-healthy options.

White Castle offers a couple different options for kids meals. It also is a fast-food restaurant with some of the lowest calorie meals in general. Their lowest calorie kids’ meals offer the original slider, applesauce and milk for only 290 calories, while the highest calorie meal is 500 calories with a savory grilled chicken slider, kids-sized French fries and grape soda.

Subway is another fast-food chain that offers one of the lowest calorie menus around. Even for adults, Subway is a better choice. A six-inch veggie delite with apples and low-fat milk is only a mere 295 calories, whereas one of their higher options ranges to about 500 calories. Subway can also be a better choice for kids and adults because it tends to be more filling than other options. Subway is the only fast food chain that joined the Partnership for a Healthier America which helps to promote against childhood obesity.

Dairy Queen is rated high when it comes to calorie intake. One might think otherwise, because most people get ice cream. However, if one is getting food, not ice cream, calories can add up quickly.  The healthiest combination on the menu totals around 550 calories.  Some unhealthier options easily reach over 1,000 calories. So next time you go to DQ, maybe just stick with a blizzard.

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