“Minute to Win It” engages student body in competition


Clarion University’s University Activities Board held “Minute to Win It” in the Gemmell Multi-Purpose Room Saturday night as part of the EFSN program.

Host Ari Fulcher had students write their names on a piece of paper and place it in a bag before drawing names to determine the contestants. Ten contestants were chosen in order to make two teams of five.

The rules of the game are to complete each challenge with 60 seconds set on the clock. The team who does the best gets the point.

The first round consisted of five different challenges, so each team member had a chance to participate. The first challenge had one player from each team drink enough root beer to balance the can on its bottom-ridged edge on the playing table.

Two more contestants then had to put their hands into three different containers while blindfolded and guess what each food item was.

Tissue boxes were used in the third challenge, in which the next chosen team members pulled all the tissues out of the box as fast as they could.

The fourth challenge was a close race when two contestants were neck-and-neck in stacking the most cups.

Using rolls of toilet paper, the last contestants for each team had to use as much paper as they could to mummify two audience members.

Team 1 beat Team 2 four-to-two and moved forward in the competition.

For Round 2, an additional 10 people were chosen to replace the two teams who went against each other in Round 1.

The first Round 2 challenge was a Ping-Pong toss. Two contestants from each team, one holding a bucket on top of his or her head trying to catch the balls, and the other trying to throw the balls into the bucket, had to have the most balls in the bucket by the end of 60 seconds.

The next challenge, a 20-foot egg race, was close. Each of the contestants from Team 1 and Team 2 had the same amount of eggs. The players each grabbed an egg from the carton, raced them 20 feet without dropping them, to place in the bucket.

Using only their mouths, contestants in the next round had to shake out all the tic-tacs in a container faster than their opponent.

Next, two members from each team had to blow up three balloons, tie them, and juggle them in the air without letting them touch the ground within 60 seconds.

Students competing in the fifth round had to put a stick in their mouth then balance two tubes of lip balm, one on top of the other, on the stick for one minute without dropping it.

Team 1 won against Team 2 in the second set of challenges four-to-two.

DeBreea Dunston, a member of Team 2 said, “Participating in this event was very exciting. I enjoyed meeting other people and also team building through unexpected activities.”

In the final round of the game, the winning teams competed in order to be crowned victors of “Minute to Win It.”

To make it easier to keep track, Team 1 of the first round became Team 2 of the final round.

Using their best technique, the two first contestants of the first challenge had to blow every card off a cup standing upside down, except for the joker card.

Members of each team in the second challenge had to sink as many coins as they could into a fishbowl containing a single shot glass. The coins had to be in the shot glass for the win to count.

In another 20-foot race, one member from each team had a banana strung from their pants. They had to use the banana in order to drag an orange from the starting point to a hula hoop 20 feet away. The orange had to be pushed into the hula hoop.

In the next challenge, two students had to stack as many apples on top of each other as they could within the time that was given.

In the final round, two students had to suck up water from an unopened bottle into a straw and drain it in the cup. The cup had a red line by which judges could determine the winner.

Team 2 beat Team 1 in the final round four-to-two.  Each member of the winning team of the final round won a basket containing CU gear.

Katie Brehm said, “It was really enjoyable to watch how excited the contestants were when they were going against each other to win the challenge. It was very entertaining. My favorite challenge to watch was the banana and orange race.”

Brehm also said she wished to see more people attend these events, but she thinks due to the colder weather and snow, not many people showed up.

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