American Horror Story: Freak Show- Episode 4


The fourth episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” is quite insightful. Viewers learn the story of two important characters. First up was Elsa.

Edward Mordrake is still at the freak show looking to take the life of a freak when he comes upon Elsa. We learn that Elsa isn’t actually a freak, but she was a prostitute in Germany during World War II. One time a group of men came in, drugged her, and cut off her legs with a chainsaw.

Once Elsa finishes her story, Edward’s twin face whispers “she’s the one,” but he is distracted when he hears music.

He then ends up at Twisty’s old bus in the woods. He finds Jimmy and Maggie are there. As Jimmy releases Maggie and allows the other three hostages to run away, he is grabbed by Twisty.

Jimmy awakens in Twisty’s bus and hears Edward talking to Twisty. Edward convinces Twisty to take off his mask, revealing his mouth, which, as we learned this episode, was blown off by a shotgun.

Not only does Edward convince Twisty to take off his mask, but he also convinces him to talk. We all thought Twisty couldn’t talk, but he actually speaks clearly.

We learn that Twisty was actually a clown that entertained kids, but he did not like the freaks. The freaks also didn’t like him and accused him of hurting the kids. Eventually these rumors spread, and Twisty contemplates suicide, thus blowing off his face and having to wearing a mask.

Twisty said the reason he takes kids is to save them from the freaks.

After hearing Twisty’s story, Edward kills Twisty for not showing remorse for his crimes. His sidekick, Dandy, finds him and now wears Twisty’s mask. Is Dandy going to take over for Twisty? After all, he did kill his maid, Dora.

The police are called to the scene, and Jimmy is credited with killing Twisty in self-defense. As news spreads that the serial killer is dead, the people of Jupiter visit the freak show to thank Jimmy. The freaks finally put on their first show.

The previews for next week show Maggie’s accomplice Stanley arriving, and he seems to drug the twins with cupcakes. Tune in Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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