#What’sTrending: Halloween Costumes

Minions – Hot! After watching “Despicable Me” a disgusting amount of times, the struggle is real to not  fall in love with one of these little yellow creatures. Although minions are mostly popular among children, adults are starting to fall into the minion costume trend. How to pull off this look: Yellow shirt, goggles, and overalls.

Characters from “Frozen” – Hot! Again, another loveable movie about how a prince isn’t needed to find true love. It is hard for this trend to “let it go” mostly because it is referenced at least once a day or sung. To top it off, even parodies of the song have been recorded. There is no avoiding this one this Halloween. How to pull of the Elsa look: Braided hair and blue dress.

Sushi – Not! OK, this would be a little creepy as a couple’s costume…or a single costume. Let’s not wear sushi costumes and just keep the sushi on the plates at Hibachi bars and Chinese restaurants. How to pull off this look: White shirt and pants (or a dress), salmon colored pillow, and a black belt.

Where’s Waldo – Hot! Who could forget the classic “Where’s Waldo?” Not only is this costume easy to make, it is also popular and recognizable. This could even be a couple’s costume, Waldo and Wenda! But, try not to lose one another at those Halloween parties. How to pull of this look: Red striped shirt, round glasses, blue pants and a red striped hat.

Miley Cyrus – Not! From one provocative, twerking concert to another, Miley Cyrus is certainly no Hannah Montana anymore. She has proved her point that she is no longer wants to be that lovable Southern belle Disney Channel star. Now when you think of her, the image of twerking and stuck-out tongues pollutes the mind. How to pull of this look: Foam finger, nude-colored clothing and double buns.

Bonnie and Clyde – HOT! Bonnie and Clyde are two classic Halloween costumes that truly never get old. Who wouldn’t love to dress up like these fashionable criminals? It is a fun and easy costume that is sure to impress the crowd.

Babies – NOT! For some reason, when you look around a costume shop, “baby” costumes are being found this year. This is NOT a trending costume! What is humorous about adults dressing up and walking around like babies? No one wants to see a grown adult in a diaper walking around at a costume party. This is definitely a Halloween costume don’t.

Sexy Cat: NOT! Women, the promiscuous cat is NOT a trending costume. It really just means that it was probably a last-minute costume thrown together because there are so many surplus cat costumes at any shop that sells Halloween outfits. Classy and conservative costumes are more appreciated this year, so go with a costume drop dead gorgeous and avoid this Halloween no-no.

Rosie the Riveter – HOT! Rosie the Riveter was popular last Halloween and surprised everyone by how creative this idea for a costume was. Even though this outfit was seen a lot last year, it is still a trending costume. It is easy, affordable, and is sure to be a hit at the Halloween party you attend.

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