Young Democrats attend campaign rally, hear Bill Clinton speak

Stephanie Kulikowski / Clarion Call

Clarion, Pa.- On Monday, 12 members of the Clarion Young Democrats and two Clarion University professors, Dr. Andrew Lingwall and Dr. Kevan Yenerall, attended the Tom Wolf campaign rally along with an estimated 500 others to show their support and hear former President Bill Clinton speak.

Clinton was not the only speaker, as Democratic representatives from all over Pennsylvania spoke at the event. Nancy Mills, chairwoman of the Allegheny County Democratic Party and Congressman Mike Doyle are just some of the who gave opening and introductory remarks for Wolf and Clinton.

The rally was held at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union no. 5 building in the South Side of Pittsburgh.

The rally was sponsored by the Tom Wolf campaign. Mills was the first speaker. Mills gave introductory remarks, thanking everyone for coming out to the rally.

Doyle was the next to speak. He said, “the whole nation is watching Pennsylvania” when talking about the upcoming election and its possible results.

Sen. Bob Casey spoke afterward, stating “No one is more prepared to win then Tom Wolf.”

Following Casey, Allegheny County Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald spoke, discussing some of the problems Pennsylvania is currently facing, such as being ranked 50 in job creation.

Fitzgerald then introduced Democratic candidate Wolf, who spoke briefly.

Wolf spoke in regard of President Clinton when he was in office, saying how he helped create 22.7 new jobs and how the average worker saw a $12,000 annual income increase. Wolf said he hopes to help Pennsylvania in the same way.

Clinton spoke highly of Pittsburgh saying he loves this part of Pennsylvania, even commenting on the Steelers “bee uniforms” that they wore for the game against the Indianapolis Colts the day before.

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Clinton spoke of what he believes Wolf will do for the state, including improving access to college, putting a severance tax on natural gas and providing job training. Clinton said “Pittsburgh can become the nano-technology center of America” by providing the right education at in state universities. During Clinton’s closing remarks, he said “Tom Wolf is the best candidate for Governor in the United States of America.”

Clinton, Wolf and all other speakers encourage everyone to vote come Election Day. Voting for governor and other offices occurs on Tuesday, November 4.

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