Movie festival replaces fall CampusFest, allows more funds for spring

Instead of the usual fall CampusFest, featuring various musical and entertainment performances, the University Activities Board hosted a movie marathon featuring “The Purge” and “The Purge: Anarchy,” which was the EFSN movie of the week.

Between the two widely popular movies, student turnout was about 180 people.

“We came into this school year thinking a Tippin show was completely off limits,” said UAB CampusFest chair Maggie Abrams. “We then found a date, Oct. 25, that would work. We put a bid in for both Kevin Hart and Wiz Khalifa, but after some back and forth negotiations, we were not able to confirm a date with either of them. Because of the lack of time before the Oct. 25 date, we had to make a decision.”

She said that ultimately, UAB decided to have a movie marathon instead of rushing to put a performance together in the limited amount of time that remained, so that those resources could be used toward next semester’s spring CampusFest.

“We decided to put together a movie marathon and focus all of our energy into a spring show. So many people think that CampusFest is just a concert; it is entertainment. The movie marathon achieved that,” Abrams said.

In the past, UAB has hosted performers such as The Band Perry, Mac Miller, Girl Talk and Guy Talk, and others.

“About a week ago, we got word that Tippin renovations had been pushed back, so we are now pursuing artists or acts [for the spring semester] that could fit a Tippin show,” Abrams said.

She said that between the negotiations, pricing, routing, production needs and other factors, a lot more work goes into the organization of CampusFest than most people realize.

“It’s not simple like everyone seems to believe. As for our budget, it is for the entire year, so that money will be put toward an event in the spring.”

Junior psychology major Elizabeth Pellegrini said she is fine with the fact that there was no CampusFest performance this semester, even though she usually goes to them.

“I think it’s OK because it will give UAB more time to plan something for next semester, so maybe that could be bigger. Instead of having, like, two smaller ones, [we] could have one big one,” Pellegrini said. “I’m not worried about it at all.”

“As always, we are accepting suggestions for acts or bands and also how we can improve what we do,” Abrams said.

Students can send their suggestions to or to their Twitter account, @ClarionUAB. Those who are interested in the CampusFest process or would like to join the committee can attend UAB meetings.

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