‘Godzilla’ Review: Director puts new twist on classic


Godzilla is a film that has been remade countless times. The story of Godzilla has gone in many different directions over the years. For the 2014 remake, director Gareth Edwards was not shy when it came to putting his own twist on the classic.

Edwards put together a unique cast lead by “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston who plays Joe Brody, a former scientist at the Janjira nuclear plant in Japan. After an arthquake near the plant, Brody loses his wife but never can accept the reasons why. He becomes a wild conspiracy theorist constantly trying to disprove the Japanese government’s theory behind the nuclear meltdown.godzilla

Joe Brody’s son, Ford, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is a Navy explosives expert who is not close with his dad. Brody alienates Ford through his irrational beliefs about the Japanese government and the theories he believes. Their bond is weak at the start of the movie

Ken Watanabe plays Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, the lead scientist on Project Monarch, a study to find out the reason for all the seismic activity going on in the Pacific Rim. What they find is that extraterrestrial creatures they label as MUTOs are trying to reproduce and terrorize the Earth. With all this activity, Godzilla is awakened from his slumber to rise to the Earth’s surface again.

The movie itself is very good at keeping the viewer informed as to what is going on as the setting shifts between Japan, Hawaii and San Francisco.

Throughout the movie, Ford and Dr. Serizawa figure out that Brody’s beliefs may have some legitimate backing. The whole world learns of the impending doom of the MUTO’s as they wreak havoc crossing through the Pacific with Hawaii in their way. Godzilla also makes his way across the Pacific, calmly following the Mutos at a distance. The three clash in San Francisco.

Taylor-Johnson does a fantastic job portraying his character throughout the movie in what is easily his biggest role to date. Ford is able to constantly evolve with the plot and flow despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges and odds he’s up against. Bryan Cranston, on the other hand, leaves more to be desired. His character comes off as one dimensional compared to his role in the hit TV series “Breaking Bad.”

As a whole, I give “Godzilla” 3.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a new twist on a classic. The acting is good, but the storyline can be a little far-fetched at times and may seem odd at first compared to the older “Godzilla” movies.

“Godzilla” is available for purchase on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital download.

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