American Horror Story: Freak Show- Episode 3


In the third episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” we are introduced to a new character, and one freak is close to death.

Emma Roberts makes her debut in this episode. She plays Maggie Esmerelda, a fortune teller. Well, not a real fortune teller.

We are first introduced to her when she and her accomplice, Stanley, are trying to sell “mutated” human remains to a museum. After discovering they can find freaks in Florida, they decide to go to the freak show.

Maggie and Stanley, as you may already be able to tell, are con artists. They look for freaks to kill and then sell.

When Maggie arrives at the freak show, everyone is skeptical, even Elsa. So Elsa lets Maggie read her. If you didn’t catch it, Maggie looks around to gather info about Elsa before reading her. After the reading, Elsa is impressed and allows Maggie to join the freak show.

While the freak show gains another member, it may be losing one.

Ethel Darling is visiting a doctor when she finds out she has cirrhosis of the liver. She is told she only has between six months and a year to live.

We also learn why the freaks do not perform on Halloween. As legend has it, Edward Mordrake was born with a second face on the back of his head that whispers evil sayings. Fed up with his second face, Edward hangs himself. If any freaks perform on Halloween, he returns to take the life of one freak.

After Maggie’s reading, Elsa feels she can fulfill her dream of becoming a singer and performs on Halloween. Thus, the performance summons Edward Mordrake.

He appears in Ethel’s trailer. We come to find she just wants the best for Jimmy after she dies. In an instant, Edward disappears, but it sounds as if his evil twin whispers “not the one.” Tune in Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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